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3-Minute Guided Meditation: Breathing Easy

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Meditation is kind of intimidating, am I right? At least, for me it is.

I enjoy quiet time as much as the next person; I go to yoga class (mainly for the fitness benefits); and I know that meditation can reduce stress levels, improve concentration, and help me achieve inner peace -- but it's still really hard for me to actually do.  I feel a little lost, like I need a guide to help me through the process.

That's where these videos, from John Selby, Ph.D., come in. We've been talking with Dr. Selby about his series of guided meditation and relaxation DVDs, which feature calming nature scenes, soothing vocals (his own), and short, easy-to-manage meditation exercises designed to lift your spirit and help you relax, sleep better, understand your dreams, and more.

I was skeptical, but I must admit, watching this video -- a three-minute breathing exercise to reduce stress -- was a nice break in my workday. And when I returned to the task that had been bugging me all morning, I felt a little bit calmer and more focused.

Check out this clip and let me know what you think. Would you use these types of videos to help improve your meditation practice? Or just as a mid-afternoon energizer? Would you like to see more from Dr. Selby's series?

We'd love your feedback (leave it here in the comments!) as we continue to shape this website and blog to give you more of what you want -- and less of what you don't. Thanks!

Amanda MacMillan is Whole Living's web editor.

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Comments (9)

  • I loved this mini-meditation. I found it relaxed my mind almost immediately and is an accessible and welcome respite for my monkey-brain. Thanks for introducing me to this resource!

  • The sound of Dr. Selby's voice in itself is very soothing. I like the video alot.

  • The pictures are beautiful. A nice respite during the day!

  • I enjoyed the video and it did calm me.

  • The mini-meditations are perfect. I've been looking for something like this - can play it on my iphone.

  • Great for a quick pick-me-up when a break is needed. My only criticism is that I wish the image had been full-screen on my computer. This would be great to download from iTunes to access at will....

  • Nice, I would like to see more?
    Where can we find them?

  • I actually found Dr. Shelby's voice sort of irritating. I've been sitting meditation daily for about 15 years and have listened to many guided meditation CDs, and DVDs. They've been mostly very good aids and a nice change of pace to my own solitary practice. This one wasn't for me.

  • Liked the shortness of the meditation. Very soothing.

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