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Is Exercise Good for the Soul?

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If we really want to transform our life, we must first fulfill the most basic principle: Nurture and control the body.

Our body is commonly treated as a brain holder and a hand station. We don’t really notice the body unless it hurts, craves food, wants sex, or won’t fit into its clothes anymore.

Then we wonder why our body has chronic pain or why we don’t sleep well at night.  Sometimes we just don’t connect the dots.

The Missing Link
It seems many people do not see a connection between their spiritual life and their body.  For example, a person may go to church and then play a game of tennis, treating the two activities as completely unrelated events.  Then, as we age, most of us just let our bodies fall apart.

In fact, seven out of 10 American adults don't exercise regularly, according to CNN.  Then we make things worse by abusing our bodies with negligent or compulsive eating habits.

When we inevitably become ill from this neglect, then we turn to God or Spirit and pray desperately for a miraculous healing. Then we connect the dots and realize that infusing our body with spirit could heal it from afflictions we could have prevented ourselves.

So, the disconnect is, when it comes to feeding and exercising the body, we don’t think of God or our spirituality at all, but when it comes to curing our body of serious illness, then we turn to God for help.

Try This
Identify your biggest challenge with your body and how your actions, or lack of action, ultimately create this challenge.

Let’s say that overeating is the main wound. You know that it is your own hand that feeds this wound, one spoonful at a time, creating suffering.

The wonderful news is that you also have the power to heal this wound by your own hand, unlocking the prison door and releasing yourself, and that’s something to rejoice in and then act on.

When you exercise, breathe as if you were breathing the breath of spirit.  Make your exercise regime a wordless prayer.

Max Strom is a yoga instructor and author who teaches personal transformation. His latest book is "A Life Worth Breathing". Please visit his website at MaxStrom.com.

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