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Remedy Junkie: Favorite Natural Cures from the Road

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When I was growing up in Washington State, I was the only kid in the class with vegetarian parents who were super into foot reflexology.

Of course, I didn’t appreciate their forward-thinking ways—I rebelled as much as possible, indulging in Whopper Jrs and stuffing my pockets with candy from my paper-route spending money. But somehow, as much as I hated their weird ideas, they certainly did influence me. I just had to come to it on my own.

Homeopathy and Me:
The first time I became interested in alternative remedies was with homeopathy: I must have been about 20, was traveling in Italy, and a friend’s mother gave me Belladonna for my headache.

These are some of our finds.

It worked, and from then on, whenever I traveled, I started exploring drugstores and health food stores, always seeking out something I’d never seen or heard of.

Now it’s just a part of my everyday life—figuring out different ways to approach wellness for our family, including my husband Matt, a photographer, and my seven-year-old daughter, Clara. I’m planning on using this space to talk about all the different things I’ve found that work for us, and what I’m researching now.

What Works:
But for today, I’d like to share a few of my favorite finds from my travels, and I’d love to hear about your favorite finds as well.


What it is: EMUgency All Purpose First Aid Pocket Stick

What it’s for: calming bug bites, dry skin, eczema, chapped lips

Why I keep it on hand all the time: It’s one of the only things that consistently takes away the itch of bug bites. I put it in my daughter’s school bag so she can apply it at school.

Where I found it: a drugstore in Missoula, Montana

What it is: Immune Tonic

What it’s for: at the slightest feeling of any cold or flu bug coming on, or if you’ve been near anyone sick, you put 15 drops in a glass of water.

Why I can’t live without it: it really keeps us healthy (although my daughter doesn’t like the taste)

Where we found it: The Organic Pharmacy in London


What it is: Cold FX

What it’s for: eliminating colds and flu

Why I can’t live without it: We haven’t gotten sick in ages—it really works—and I can give a capsule to my daughter and it keeps her healthy too.

Where we found it: in a gas station in Canada, where it comes from.

Yolanda Edwards has worked at Elle, W, and Conde Nast Traveler, and was the founding travel and lifestyle editor of Cookie. Today she is a consultant and author of the family travel blog Travels With Clara.

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