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World's Best (Gluten-Free) Pancake Mix

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No one in our family is gluten-free, although I do have a doctor who wishes I would be. (But he thinks pretty much everyone should be, since he believes gluten is a major irritant to the digestive system and our bodies don’t tolerate it well.)

There was a period when my daughter Clara was a baby and nursing that I didn’t include dairy or gluten in my diet, as it seemed she had a slight allergy to it, but she outgrew whatever that was. I did look and feel great (talk about how to shed pounds fast!), but I just like pasta and bread too much to give them up.

Still, there is one gluten-free product that I always seek out, and that’s Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix. I know pancakes are a weekend-only option for most, but since I have just one child, I don’t have to become a short-order cook if I open up the option of asking her what she wants. Clara loves pancakes, and I don’t love making them from scratch.

My friend recommended this Pamela’s to us, which, while on the pricey side, is delicious. It’s healthy and I can eat it, and whereas most pancakes end up being so bland that I need to doctor them with syrup or jam, these have such complex flavor—light yet nutty, not heavy or doughy—that they taste great plain. We like to prep the mix ahead, and then keep the liquid in a sealed container in the fridge, rather than cook them all up at once.

Yolanda Edwards has worked at Elle, W, and Conde Nast Traveler, and was the founding travel and lifestyle editor of Cookie. Today she is a consultant and author of the family travel blog Travels With Clara.

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