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Don't Think; Do: Your Dreams Will Thank You

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I’ve always wanted to…

One day I’m going to…

I’ve got this great idea but I haven’t had time to…

Sound familiar? Whether it’s a creative idea, a vacation idea or an entrepreneurial idea, postponing our ideas can become more the norm than following through. Our excuses can range from “I don’t have the time,” to “It’s too expensive,” to “I’m too tired.” No matter which excuse is your favorite the pretext comes from a sense of scarcity. I’m not enough.

It is a Taoist principle that you are born with 100% of your physical force and 0% of your spiritual awareness. As you develop, your spiritual awareness increases to enhance your descending physical energy.

If however, your spiritual awareness is obstructed, the descending physical force is felt over the enthusiasm of spirit. So how can you jump-start your spiritual awareness? Active Meditation.

Say Yes
When you find yourself perpetually thinking about doing things rather than doing things, pause. Imagine saying yes to the life you are thinking about. Allow your meditation to bring you to a dream state.

In this state you are actively involved in your idea, you are experiencing the idea, you are being fed by the idea. Let the momentum of this active meditation give you a course of action.

When you return from your imagining state and reenter your thinking state you will have an action, a step you can take, that will direct the energy of your life in the direction of your dream. Take that step. In so doing you are actively transforming scarcity into creative energy.

Inspiration in Action
With your energy behind your idea rather than in front of it, you will become the Creator of your dream, the driving force of your idea, the inspiration of your life. Allowing the descending pull of your physical force to overpower the uplift of your spirit can make you feel like a hostage in your own life. Switch your attention from the physical excuse to the inspiration of your idea and you will change your experience from “I’m not enough” to “Let’s do it!”

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