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Fit in 30 Minutes a Day!

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Getting and staying fit doesn’t require a huge time commitment.  You need to have a clear plan and be consistent.  Investing 30 minutes a day in yourself will not only improve your fitness level but I guarantee you will be more efficient through out the rest of your day.  Regular exercise makes you feel more energetic and focused.

30 minutes

  • of resistance training, every other day.
  • cardiovascular exercise, every other day.

The exercise plan

  • Monday -  Chest, shoulders, triceps & abs
  • Tuesday - Cardio
  • Wednesday - back, biceps and abs
  • Thursday Cardio
  • Friday - Legs & abs
  • Saturday - Cardio
  • Sunday - rest

View the exercises for each work out.

The eating plan
Eat five or six small portioned meals a day that are designed to feed your body, not just curb your appetite, and space them out every 2.5 or 3 hours.  This is ideal for fat loss and energy increase.  Eat breakfast (don’t skip this meal), lunch and dinner with three snacks.  Meal replacement shakes make for a great high protein snack.

Your lifestyle is the sum total of your daily habits.  You brush your teeth, put your shoes on and brush your hair (unless you are follicley challenged like me).  Make 30 minutes of exercise a day and eating healthy part of your daily life and you will look and feel fabulous in 30 just minutes a day!

John Rowley is a lifestyle and fitness expert, author, speaker, and Wellness Director for the International Sports Science Association. He focuses on combining peak performance principles with physical and spiritual disciplines for complete and lasting success. Visit him at peakperformancelifestyle.com

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