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Adventures in Reupholstery: Part 1

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Confession: I have a soft spot for abandoned furniture. My apartment is a little like a foster home for hand-me-downs--the armchair clawed up by a cat (but it has great lines!), my book editor friend's chaise with a few years of ink stains (but it's SO comfy!), the just plain dirty sofa from an old office (but it's the absolute perfect size for the living room!).

Let me be clear that I'm not a crazy hoarder with a room full of stuff. These are my basic pieces. And, as a result, I prefer to invite people over only in the evening--when the imperfections are blurred in dim lighting--and I've become a pro at strategically placing throw pillows.

But now that my boyfriend, Charlie, and I have been doing a little renovating (and I'm not as intimidated by things like nail guns and air compressors) I've decided it's time to learn a new DIY skill--upholstery.

We're taking a four-part class here, and along with learning the basic skills (piping, tufting, etc.), we will be tackling a simple reupholstery project. I'll be revamping this old office chair...

... and Charlie will be modernizing this old lady bench.

Both were steals at flea markets, but we currently have no idea what we'll do to them. Tonight we start developing plans with the instructor. Suggestions welcome!

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  • I love taking in abandonded, beat-up furniture and giving it a new life! I'm so glad I found this article, it made my day. I am not alone in the world! Ha ha, good thing my parents have a huge pole barn that is currently housing 4-6 pieces of furniture that need to get redone. This has given me some motivation!

  • Author Comment:

    I am so jealous of your extra storage! Let us know how your projects go.

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  • Could someone tell how to add a cushion to a hard bottom dining room chair. My chairs came without cushions and im trying to give them a new look.

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