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Big Box Benefits

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Need more storage space? Here's how you can use a box–well, half a box–to take advantage of wasted storage space. You'll need a big box, I got one when my new desk chair arrived, the over-sized box was perfect.

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1 Board games and puzzles fit well under the couch.

2 Need more places to store books? Try under the bed.

3 Out of season clothing, extra totes, and even shoes slide under the dresser.

4 To make a handle, start with an empty box.

5 Use a spare pet collar as the handle!

6 Thread the collar through the box, then close the clasp.

7 An instant handle the pull the box!

Don't have a big box? No problem, you can locate one for free using Uhaul's Box Exchange . Hint: the mirror box is a perfect size, the large shallow box slips under couches in the family room, the bed or dresser in the bedroom and even a bookcase in the office.

Once you have you box you are just three simple steps away from more storage space!

Step 1:
Measure Clearance: pick the piece of furniture you'll slip your box under. Measure then mark the height so you can cut the box to fit. Look for space under dressers, bookcases, couches and even the bed. If your furniture is too close to the floor consider adding risers for more height which means even more storage space.

Step 2:
Cut To Fit: Use a box cutter and carefully cut the box according to your measurements.

Step 3:
Add a Handle: Use a spare pet collar as an easy to grab handle. Make two slits towards the center of one side of the box. Thread the collar through the slits and clip the collar closed.

What other household items do you hate throwing away but aren't sure how to put to good use? I take requests!

Until next time keep it simple and clutter-free!

Jamie Novak, The World’s Most Relatable Organizer, is author of "Stop Throwing Money Away: Turn Clutter to Cash, Trash to Treasure—And Save the Planet While You're at It." Please visit her website at JamieNovak.com.

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  • Can someone please tell me what else you can think of to use as a handle on the big box?

  • Jamie - great post! As I am downsizing and moving from a 3 bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment, I keep you in mind as I am figuring out how to maximize the little space I have. What would Jamie do??? :)

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