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Holiday Feasting Without Regret or Remorse

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We gather around the Thanksgiving table to give thanks to our lives abundance.  Feasts of beautifully prepared foods adorn the table that awaits the enjoyment of all who congregate. The response to abundance, however, can be extreme. The holiday gorgers’ moan and groan after they’ve eaten too much, while others, fearful of the feast, moan and groan before they’ve eaten. Need there be such confusion and distress surrounding such bounty?

Abundance can make one gluttonous or gut wrenched. For some, the display of abundance creates an insatiable need for more; for others, abundance creates pressure to keep up or uphold control over their circumstances.  Either way, there is a fear that there isn’t enough.

To be glad for this glorious feast is to appreciate all of what brought you to this table. Your experiences of struggle and ecstasy have shaped your values; the enjoyment of inspiration as well as daily discipline has given you purpose; the ability to give and to receive has filled you with love. None of this can be taken away. All of this, and more, will continue to enrich your life. The abundance of this moment, represented by this Holiday Feast, is forever and deservedly yours.

When you find the cornucopia of the holiday frazzling your experience, overwhelming your palette and perception, look around and realize you have created all that you are surrounded by. Relax and enjoy what you have sculpted into your life. Feel the friendship and love of your kin supporting you; the thoughtful contributions of food gifts nourishing you; the encouragement toward your life’s journey. Allow yourself to feel abundant. Let both its richness and it’s calming comfort replace the dizzying frazzle.  Simply appreciate all that is right here, right now.

Holidays are special days that reflect your life. For some it’s a time to slow down and feel how rich their life is; there’s no need to over-indulge if you are already full. For others it’s an opportunity to realize their potential; experiencing your own promise offers great calm and erases the fear of failure, allowing you to indulge

Celebrate your success by embracing the spirit of Thanksgiving… be thankful.

Tammy Wise is owner of BodyLogos Inc. Active Meditation for Fitness, Beauty & Wellness. Please visit her websites at BodyLogos.com.

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