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Small Slice of Sanity By the Front Door

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A few months back we ran a story about ways to create a stress-free home, and since then, I've been obsessing about my ever-growing pile of mail. I used to move it from surface to surface. (The typical journey was usually entryway bench to kitchen counter to living room coffee table to "to-be-filed" heap next to the file cabinet.) Now, a simple piece of metal has changed my whole life. This rocker key switch by Areaware screws over your switch plate and gives the mail (and your keys) a place to be. The best part is that it doesn't hold more than about 15 envelopes—so I'm forced to go through it every few days. No more messy piles—no more unnecessary stress.

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  • Cozying up!

    Hello Sarah/

    I just read your article about cozying up your home.
    In tip 6 I am curious where the gray sofa is from and the book shelves
    in the background, it is exactly the kind of inspiration I was looking for.

    Thank you,


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