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Soothe Your Motion Sickness with Meditation

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You’ve settled into your bus or airplane seat ready for someone else to pilot your journey. You relax back and surrender into your surroundings. But as the vehicle or aircraft taxi’s out of its port you start to sweat a little and feel your senses become hyper-alert. You take a few deep breaths to settle the slight stir in your stomach and to calm your spinning head.

You pray that once you really get moving you’ll feel better. But the minutes continue to feel like hours. Motion sickness is taking the reins of your experience and leaving you completely ungrounded and out of control.

You fear it’s going to be impossible to relax and enjoy this trip.

As your journey encounters rolling hills or bursting cloud forms, you feel like you’re on a carnival ride. Your whole body starts to churn. You begin to panic. Relaxing isn’t working, nor is deep breathing. Your stomach is pressing up against your throat and you’re now holding your dizzy head in your hands. Between exerted deep breaths your racing mind wonders how you’re going to endure this journey?

Stop relaxing and focus.

Relaxing into a moving vehicle perpetuates this ungrounded state, as you’re surrendering when you need to be aligning. Focus on meeting the movement head on, as if you were pressing yourself into it. Imagine your body encountering the force of movement you are experiencing and actively leaning into it. You will be grounding yourself within the vehicle. Taking control of your body, within the movement of the vehicle, units your body’s homeostasis with the vehicles motion.

Envision yourself standing firmly on a mountain’s top.

Imagine standing erect, stimulated by the force of nature around you. As you lean into the strong brisk winds you become more and more grounded into the earth. It’s as if you’re becoming one with the steadfast immovability of the mountain itself.  As you relax into the driving current of the wind speed you feel enlivened and determined.

Using this meditation when encountering motion sickness enables you to ground into and align with the movement of the bus or aircraft, rather than resisting it. Once you’re grounded with the vehicle, you can enjoy moving with it.

Enjoy your journey.

Tammy Wise is owner of BodyLogos Inc. Active Meditation for Fitness, Beauty & Wellness. Please visit her websites at BodyLogos.com.

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  • I wonder if you could cite any science articles you feel prove the point about meditation helping with motion sickness?


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