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Career Success Lesson: Turning the Ordinary into Extraordinary

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Lois Reddick is the founder of COSIA

Inspiration comes when we see ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Lois Reddick is a person like you and me but with a bold vision and solid determination to help others reach their goals.

Her non-profit is Cultivating Our Sisterhood International Association (COSIA), a nonprofit dedicated to nurturing a sense of sisterhood among women through team-building and goal support. This organization has defied the odds from inception - gaining nonprofit status in record time, competing and winning against larger organizations as a top 5 finalist for outstanding board leadership and being recognized as a Top-Rated Women's Empowerment Nonprofit.

These successes are no accident.  They are due to Lois's attitude and approach.

As we ready ourselves for a New Year, consider her wise words and turn your career from ordinary to extraordinary in 2011:

1. Avoid a deficiency perspective. Unfavorable comparisons to others, or even your own expectations about what you should have already accomplished, can lead to a distorted viewpoint and may diminish your sense of self-worth.  Instead of focusing on what you haven't done, build from your strengths.  Consider your greatest achievements, and identify ways to build upon your successes.

2. Adopt a mustard-seed perspective. It may sound a bit cliché but accomplishments we view as small and insignificant can have growth potential that exceeds our expectations. These are the acts of kindness that rarely make our goal-setting lists. Consider developing a mustard-seed diary: Keep track of the small achievements that make a great impact on your life and the lives of others.  As I was recently reminded in a note of thanks from a friend, “Each small kindness, like a seed, grows tall in memory.”

3. Don’t lose yourself in the process. You are not the sum of your accomplishments. Your value is that you exist, and are uniquely equipped to fulfill your life’s purpose.  This knowledge will help keep you focused when life’s challenges fail to conform to your plans and expectations.

Tune into Making a Living on January 7th for more strategies on achieving your career needs and goals in 2011.

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go".  ~T.S. Eliot

Maggie Mistal is a certified career & life purpose coach and the host of "Making a Living with Maggie," which airs every Friday at 4 p.m. ET on Martha Stewart Living Radio, Sirius 112, XM 157. Please visit her website at MaggieMistal.com.

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  • I am a poet and looking and seeing the small overlooked things or actions in life is part of what I do. I see or hear something and work hard to make it extraordinary. This poem was published in Thunderclap Mag. Linda Amundson

    The Burnt Pan
    It was not intentional
    popcorn was what we wanted
    but the pan flared and fire flashed
    Canola with its high smoking point
    became the kitchen terrorist

    The bottom of the pan with incessant
    scrubbing has become a thing of beauty
    a Japanese brush painting

  • Great point Linda -we are all poets in our own way. Thanks for sharing your inspiring work too - sorry about the popcorn. :)

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