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DIY Herbal Baths! Steep Yourself in Wellness

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Fresh herbs or flowers can take your bath up a notch

Whether it's after a long day at work or as a Sunday morning ritual, a soak in the bath is the perfect prescription for a healthy body, a calm mind and a soaring spirit. Adding herbs and intention to your bath makes it all that much better. Over the next few winter months I will be discussing the healing powers of baths for different purposes: footbaths, steams, spiritual bathing, kids’ baths, and more.

Winter is a great time to use hot water for staying healthy and warm from the inside out.  Think of your bathtub as a big teacup and get ready to steep yourself in wellness! Herbal baths can be one of the best, most effective ways to treat stress-related issues such as anxiety, insomnia, and mental tension. Just making the effort to take a step out of your daily routine to take care of yourself, to relax and unwind, invokes healing.

How to Make Your Bath Special

Put it in your schedule:  It’s an appointment with your inner self.  Don’t be late; it might just be the most important meeting of your week. If you can only swing once a month, then soak on the new moon or full moon to make it extra special and to keep it regular.

Make an intention:  I use my bath time to mull over ideas I have been pondering, making room to think and plan.  The calm warm womb of the bathtub is the perfect place to create new intentions or renew old forgotten ones.

This month I am going to pay more attention to my intuition and trust my own knowing.

This month I will be more patient with my children and really listen to them when they speak.

Herbs:  The possibilities are endless.  What a great opportunity to play with different herbal blends!  In the summer I love to harvest fresh herbs from the yard and garden, but in the winter the evergreen needles are just about the only green thing around.  Don’t be afraid to clip a few branches off your Christmas tree and toss them in the tub (I won’t tell anyone; it’s our little secret and Santa won’t mind).

DIY: Relaxing & Nourishing Herbal Bath

1 part calendula

1 part lavender

1 part rose

Add herbs to a medium-size muslin bag or thin stocking, tie it underneath the bath faucet and let the water run hot over the blend -- or just submerge it in the bath water.

What do you put in your bath to make it special? Tell me!

Jovial King is an herbalist, entrepreneur, organic lifestyle diva, and mother of two boys. Please visit her website at urbanmoonshine.com.

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