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Fear of Spending Takes the Fun Out of Gift Giving

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Holiday vendors are displaying their merchandise at every street corner and public gathering place. You spot the perfect gifts for friends and family, but you wait to buy. Maybe you’ll find something that is equally perfect… but less expensive. The more you avoid putting your money on the counter to purchase these treasures, the more fearful you get of buying holiday gifts at all. The money crunch has got you frazzled.

Feeling incapable of giving to others affects how you feel about yourself

Emotions of wanting to create a generous holiday celebration are squelched by feelings of financial scarcity. You can easily blame the commercialism of the season and the economy for your depressed state. But, as the shopping days count down you become more and more disheartened by your mood; the holiday festivities begin to make you feel inwardly deficient.

When you repeatedly choose not to purchase a gift due to your fear of spending money, you are telling yourself that you are too impoverished to part with your meager means. When you decide to purchase a gift you are telling yourself your capable of sharing your heart and creating all you need. This does not suggest that you spend beyond your resources, but it does suggest that you recognize how abundant you actually are.

Spending money creates abundance both within you and around you

When you find yourself in an internal quarrel about whether or not you can afford to part with your money, stop thinking about having no money. Imagine how you’ll feel giving the gift and how they’ll feel receiving the gift. Once you have stepped out of your fear around money, return to the potential purchase from this enlivened perspective. From here you are experiencing the choice to purchase from a place of love rather than fear.

When you are operating from fear are you operating from reality?

When you are operating from fear you are not connected to the whole situation; you are connected to what you are afraid of. Expanding your perspective to include the spirit of giving to those you love, embraces the situation holistically. You may find when you look at your finances from “what if” rather than “I can’t” you become more able than you, at first, realized.

Experience the richness you have created in your life. Enjoy your ability to share your heart through special offering. Feel yourself generating abundance.

Tammy Wise is owner of BodyLogos Inc. Active Meditation for Fitness, Beauty & Wellness. Please visit her websites at BodyLogos.com.

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