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How to Put Your Party-Hosting Anxieties at Ease

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So you've got your big shindig coming up, and you want to be the hostess with the mostest. However, as you prepare, little fears wriggle in: What if it's just too much work? What if my cooking doesn't stand up to the task? What if people don't like each other or have fun? What if, what if, what if.
When you focus on the ways you could fail at the task, you're making the party about you instead of your guests. Here's how to turn that around--and put some of your anxieties to rest.

Party Prep as Active Meditation

As you prepare for the event, visualize the people you have invited into your home enjoying each other’s conversations. What are they eating… drinking… wearing… toasting? Experience yourself facilitating this gathering, looking after all the little details that keep the party flowing. Enjoy the experience of forgetting yourself in the care and concern of your guests.

As you become connected to your guest’s needs you will experience them purely from your heart. This is the gift of hosting… you stop thinking about connecting and feel connected. And make sure, above all, that rather than merely observe everyone else, you engage with the party and the people, too. Here's to a wonderful new year!

Tammy Wise is owner of BodyLogos Inc. Active Meditation for Fitness, Beauty & Wellness. Please visit her websites at BodyLogos.com.

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