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Today's Challenge: Rebound with Smaller Meals

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Your stomach isn't perfectly elastic, and right now it's probably pretty stretched out. To get back on track after an eating spree, eat small, frequent meals that won’t leave you bloated.

Tomorrow's challenge: Get back on the fitness wagon.
Yesterday's challenge: Celebrate the possibility of rebirth and renewal. Pledge past challenges here.

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  • I'm ahead of this one - I spread my meals out yesterday so I wouldn't have morning-afteritis. Also went for a good walk to keep things from getting sluggish! Now to go and face that turkey - or what's left of it ...

  • This small meal is is sound eating and keeps up our energy levels better then waiting and snacking

  • I fill up really quickly so I eat small meals often. But I'm a "grazer;" I eat throughout the day. I try to watch what I eat, but yesterday, I woofed down some fresh cookies my nieces & nephew made. Can't beat that!

  • Yes it is advisable to only take in small frequent meals.Big meals are too much for a persons stomach.I have learned this through experience.I also suffer low blood sugar so small meals are the only option for me.Also have an intorlerence to yeast.Hope everyone had a great Christmas(:HUGS!

  • I do a protein drink three times a day and my meal is at dinner. Protein and vegtables low in carbs this for at least a day makes me feel good again. Tomorrow morning when I wake up all the bloat ect. is gone. My stomach feels flat again!

  • I really, really, really, miss everyone's little pictures with the postings. I think it helped connect us as a community. Anyone else feel this way? Amanda - (Whole Living Editor) is there anything that can be done to bring the pictures back?

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