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How to (Re)Build Career Confidence -- Fast

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Recently I blogged about how to land a job in 2011 even if you haven’t worked in 2010.  What was reinforced as I researched and wrote the piece was the importance of confidence in career success.  For the long-term unemployed, rebuilding shattered confidence is as important as crafting a solid resume.

This need for confidence was echoed earlier this week.  I was the warm-up act at Caroline’s Comedy Club but I wasn’t doing stand-up (not yet).  I was presenting to American University students visiting potential employers in NYC.  In just two short days they had to build rapport, gather information, and generate internship/job leads.  My role: Help them build confidence so they could network effectively.

How to Build Career Confidence

Create your elevator speech. A concise, well-written speech lays out for others what we’re looking for, why we’re qualified and how they can help.

For Deni, who had been let go from her project management job over a year ago, considering her elevator speech meant renewed confidence.  It helped her see that her volunteer work as president of her homeowner’s association qualified her for new opportunities.  With her leadership, the troubled community doubled its financial reserves – no small feat in a down economy.  In her pitch, Deni’s title was now community turnaround specialist, her qualifications were a $1 million under her management and her call to action was help landing a new job in property management.

Need your own career confidence boost?  Try crafting your elevator speech.  Answer these key questions from my favorite pitch site, 15secondpitch.com:

  • Who are you? (Name)
  • What do you do? (Title or degree)
  • Why you’re the best at it? (Accomplishments, unique experience, attitude)
  • What’s your call to action? (Meeting for an informational interview, consideration for a job interview)

I’d love to hear your pitch.   Don’t forget to share what you’re best at and your call to action so others can help you.  Take these steps to build your confidence and you’ll improve your chances of getting the career you want.

Maggie Mistal is a certified career & life purpose coach and the host of "Making a Living with Maggie," which airs every Friday at 4 p.m. ET on Martha Stewart Living Radio, Sirius 112, XM 157. Please visit her website at MaggieMistal.com.

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