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Today's Challenge: Adapt and Adjust to New Eating Habits

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It's the second day of your two-week detox, so settle in and listen to your body. Today: Notice if your energy's flagging or you're constantly hungry. If you're feeling shaky or exceptionally hungry, add some more protein; free-range chicken, wild-caught fish, or a handful of nuts are all good options. Also: Move your bedtime back, banish bad vibes, strengthen your back, and catch the Action Plan on the "Martha" show this morning -- 10 a.m. (9 a.m. central) on the Hallmark Channel.  Get all of today's assignments and recipes here.

Tomorrow's challenge: Take notes and sip smart.
Yesterday's challenge: Kick off your cleanse. Pledge past challenges here.

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  • Gosh, all we've done so far is tried to eat healthy food (no quantities restricted) and made the suggested food from yesterday. Anyone who is feeling constantly hungry etc. hasn't been able to figure out what to eat. Please, this "plan" is so vague--just inspiration and suggestions!

  • I really want to stick to this plan for the 4 weeks (minus my 1 morning cup of coffee). My kids (4 and 22 months) really aren't super picky eaters. They liked the almond chicken soup, but not the millet bowl. And I'm not sure how the lentils and arugula are going to go over. In fact, I'm so consumed by the menu, I'm having a hard time focusing on the other aspects of the plan.

    I know the comment above talks about suggestions and inspirations, but I am kind of having a hard time.

    Anyone else?

  • I have been paying more attention to the "what to avoid" list rather than the specific menu. If basically just stick to the whole, unprocessed foods, it's easier to maintain the diet I think (by this I mean single ingredient things like fruits, veggies, a simple protein like nuts or a cut of meat or fish, etc...)

  • I agree that the plan lacks specific instruction about eating. I also agree that concentrating on avoiding foods like wheat, dairy, and sugar are going to help me feel better. The plan is a reminder not to fall back into old habits. FInally, the plan is not just about food. It is a piece of the whole.

  • I agree with the other comments about the need for more instruction. While it is important to be responsible for your own journey and progress, it would be easier if a more specific meal plan was provided. At least one or two examples of a menu for the day. I would second the statement from above - "I'm so consumed by the menu, I'm having a hard time focusing on the other aspects of the plan." On a positive note - this is an awesome thing that we are all doing!! Thank you for providing the inspiration!

  • I'm having similar issues about what to eat but agree with the above - I think the basic plan is to cut out old habits and focus on foods to avoid. I'm trying to just stick with whole foods and whole living

  • All I know is that last night I cooked an absolutely gorgeous, clean meal -- after my holiday swillfest, I must say it made me feel rather virtuous. I am struggling with breakfast...not a big smoothie fan. Any ideas?

  • Compared to last year's challenge, I enjoy not having a menu. They've provided a good list of suggestions so we can make our our menus minus the foods to avoid. I like Lisa's comments about not falling back into old habits and that it's not just about the food.

  • I agree - whole foods - less protein, more fruits and veggies, no processed food and being present in what you eat. Not going to give up my measly one caffeine per day...just upping my water, fruit and veggie intake. Also being mindful of what my body says and trying not to mistake hunger for thirst. I find these tips good reminders...

  • I'm also thinking about food a lot but this morning I ate the fresh fruit with applesauce tahini.It was yummy.I made the sauce last night and use it on chicken it worked great.

  • I find eating egg whites in the morning with salsa sustains me until lunch. I am getting protien I need.

  • For breakfast this morning I put steel-cut oats in the slow-cooker last night. We added a little fruit, a few nuts and almond milk this morning. It's great to come downstairs in the morning to a nutritious, hot breakfast. We sometimes put other grains in with the oatmeal, too.

  • Linda- my sister had a great breakfast idea, and I think I saw something similar on Whole Living. A cup of cooked brown rice (or quinoa or another gluten-free grain) with a bit of almond milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. and a few almonds/raisins on top. Heat it up and it's a delicious warm breakfast cereal. A swirl of agave nectar would also be nice if you need a bit more sweet flavor. You could always just eat "real" food in the a.m. too... anything you would have for lunch could work earlier :)

  • I love that these challenges are given to us one day at a time :) It makes the idea of revolutionizing my life a lot easier to swallow (since I have a lot to change!) The comments are great too! Kudos to all of us who are working on this! We can do it!!!
    I totally understand the desire for more menu suggestions. Maybe they are encouraging us to find what works for each of us individually, instead of prescribing a "blanket" menu for the entire group. Oft times, those blanket menus don't work for people with food allergies. There is an "Eat Well" tab at the top of the website... perhaps we can find yummy ideas there? I'm headed there now :)

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  • For me, these sorts of New Year's endeavors are for inspiration and if I pick up a few new tips or recipes, then I've succeeded. I would never be able to accommodate a menu plan in my current day-to-day schedule, and even a recipe a day is taking on a lot! One comment about this week's recipes... the ingredients were expensive (more than I spend for a week's worth of groceries) and really challenge the notion of eating sustainably, locally, and in season, which is our household philosophy overall. I knew this going into it but decided to get on board as I needed a change of pace and wanted to learn some new recipes. The Millet Bowl was excellent and I look forward to the others!

  • The applesauce-tahini fruit salad is my favorite so far, and I like having the freedom to choose my own meals. A specific menu is difficult to achieve where I live because fresh produce is limited in the winter. I find myself squealing in delight when I can find kale at my local grocery store that doesn't look withered and old.

  • I've been excited about starting this plan and jumped on board yesterday. I have a bit of a caffeine addiction (well, I like my morning coffee). Yesterday, I reduced to 3/4 cup and developed a headache about 4 p.m. This morning had 1/2 cup and the headache is coming back, but much better than last night. Any suggestions on how to handle this? Would some caffeinated tea be okay with the plan?

  • I'm just finding it hard to eat the several small meals a day. I'm not having a hard time finding things to eat, it's that I want more when I'm eating. This morning I had quinoa with almond milk, frozen blueberries and a few walnuts with a drizzle of honey...it was so good, I wanted more! My snack will be a cup of grapes and I'm going with the spinach avocado with pomegrante salad for lunch, wich was one of the suggested menu items. I think the biggest thing to do is to practice mindful eating. Good luck everyone! (:

  • Hmmm... just reading through all the comments about not knowing what to eat. It's not really that difficult is it? Just eat healthy... veggies, fruit, grains, protein... there's a million great recipes on this site! The point is to just not be eating all that processed crap and sugary foods... i'm loving it so far! Whole Living's Power Foods cookbook may help people to stir up some ideas...

  • Am having the hardest time figuring out what to have for breakfast--the other two meals aren't so bad, but am used to having a bigger breakfast to hold me through the morning and oatmeal or a salad just doesn't cut it. Any suggestions?

  • I have been accessed by a nutritionist,last year.Identified a lot of food allergies,intolerances to foods,and set up a proper diet.I follow this to a tea now.It has gotten rid of cravings,food related skin conditions,maintained my blood sugar(which is always low;due to the food I crave)et cetera!Hope everyone a great New Year(:HUGS!

  • I am good with this already...but it is good to be reminded about mindfulness in these areas. I have two private pilates sessions each week for strength as well as keeping up walking whenever I can. Sometimes I ignore that and then I notice. Also am adding stationary bike riding to prep for a tour I am taking in May. Smoothies do not hold my hunger at bay for some reason. Maybe I need to add a handful of nuts as well...oops I mean only 1/4 a cup once a day...drats!!!!

  • I've also been struggling with the menu. Especially since they're aren't many breakfast ideas. I didn't love the tahini and applesauce so this morning, I used almond butter instead. Much nicer. As well, I love the avacado with capers and EVOO for a snack!! Yummy.

    Tonight, Im going to make the soup - maybe the oatmeal idea for lunch...

  • I always eat oatmeal with apple pie spice (no milk) for breakfast. So that didn't change. Had an apple and a banana for the snacks, a green salad for lunch, and the millet bowl made with barley since I couldn't find millet for dinner. I was not hungry at all. I didn't do the detox exercises though because a sinus infection is making me dizzy if I bend over.

  • I'm feeling great! The only problem is I always have to have something sweet after dinner. Last night was hard. This is the first time I do something like this and was a bit scared. However, I feel good about the process.

  • I have been following the plan since Saturday - my boyfriend and I began it then so that we would have time to get into the routine of cooking every day before the work week started. We both are feeling pretty good now - but the first couple days we had a wicked headache. I've found that my appetite has decreased - I seem to need less food because what I'm eating is so nutritious. We have cooked every day...well, I've cooked every day :) And that is a lot of work and a little overwhelming at first, but being prepared with certain recipes and ingredients needed has helped us to have enough food on hand and not take up too much time figuring out what to make while we do this. I've stuck to only recipes from this site so far. Over the last three days I've made a different smoothie for breakfast: Carrot and Beet, Orange-Berry, Green, and Antioxidant this morning. My boyfriend normally drinks 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day, but the natural sugar in the fruit and vegetables seems to be enough to get him going and keep us both satisfied, although the first day it didn't seem like enough. Then I'll snack on some nuts and raisins or fruit and almond butter until lunch. Homemade hummus has been a favorite too. For meals I've cooked the Almond Chicken soup (his favorite), Spicy Cauliflower, Spinach Salad with Pomegranate and Avocado, Two Bean Vegetarian Chili, and Wild Salmon with Lentils and Arugula. I also made a big pot of brown rice to add to meals or some vegetables for a snack. We are eating the leftovers for lunch at work the next day. I've always been careful about nutrition, but to see my boyfriend do well with this diet has been exciting. At work yesterday his coworkers were commenting on how good he looked. Fresh, whole foods and yoga are definitely at work.

  • This is my first attempt at the Action Plan and I agree that it is easier to follow the "what to avoid" list and stick to fruits,veggies and whole foods. I love the quinoa idea for breakfast - I think I 'll try that for tomorrow. I've rediscovered my love of fruit: grapes, apples, clementines, grapefruit - I've been away from those for awhile. My big issue is sugar, so I think I'll need a few days to detox from that. Looking forward to doing the stretches and yoga moves too!

  • As someone who loves to cook and eat, I was both excited and nervous to try some new things this week. I made the Almond Chicken soup and the Salmon & Lentils and was pleasantly surprised at how good they both were.

    One big technique that helped with the salmon was to add my own flavors/spices. Extra flavor always helps with satisfaction!

    My only struggles thus far are drinking water and satisfying my sweet cravings.

  • Try whole grain toast with peanut butter for bfast...easy if you're in a hurry. Nothing says you have to have "breakfast"food for breakfast,either!

  • Why is there all this focus on eliminating wheat and dairy? There are very few people who have a "problem" digesting wheat, they are the people who have a disorder called celiac disease, not people looking for a New Year's resolution. Dairy products are an excellent source of calcium which most women and children need more of in their diets, not less. I'm dissapointed that Whole Living is getting on the trendy- bad science- celebrities know best band wagon and spreading inaccurate information. See a credentialed dietician if you want real advice.

  • To Robin about struggling with breakfast ideas: I cooked up a batch of Quinoa and taking portions with either applesauce+cut-up orange+walnuts or with remnant of fruit smoothie and walnuts...yummy!

  • I suggest the "autumn vegetable medley-vegetarian style" found on food52.com I ate it with some free range hamburg and it was great. I'm having trouble coming up with dessert plans that go beyond baked fruit! Any ideas?

  • sorry in advance for the rambling:

    regarding suggestions on what to eat, i too have found simply following what to avoid and the guidelines of what makes a meal (which I provide below) is all you need and at the end of the day it requires you to think about your food, which is the only way you'll make better choices in the future when the "restrictions" are off. also going through some of the items on the shopping list and researching more about what items have protein, helped me. lastly, making a few servings of brown rice in advance, roasting an extra serving of veggies for next day lunch w/ rice or whatever else, pre-cooking chicken so it's it's on hand to be added to salads, eat in the soba noodle recipe, or just w/ some brown rice, etc.

    sample meal plan for me though in case it helps:
    -irish oats w/ blueberries and other fruit (grapes have a lot of sugar flavor so if you need that sweetness add them, you'll be surprised how good it it)
    -apple w/ almond butter
    -salad packed w/ good veggies, chicken that i cooked the night before
    -veggies w/ some hummus (tribe is preservative free or it's really easy to make, chick peas, tahini, lemon and whatever flavor you want, garlic/roast red pepper)
    -trying any of the recipes
    -smoothie (like dessert)

    The "meals" are 3oz of protein (the size of a smartphone), 1/4 to 1/2 cup carbs (whole grains, sweet potatoes, or fruit), and unlimited nonstarchy vegetables such as leafy greens. It suggests a meal could be an apple with 2 teaspoons almond butter or a smoothie.

  • Starving in Seattle here...made the move to add chicken. This whole plan was a huge leap for me to begin with...I just hope I can keep up the motivation. Must eat chicken...lots and lots of chicken :D Good luck to everyone...power through till next week, then I think we can add in more things.

    I could use some breakfast ideas...I love eggs...I miss my eggs....I had oatmeal today and couldn't finish it. So bland without my brown sugar...

    I really want to get through this and my husband knows I am serious becuase I didn't swipe any of his fries at lunch yesterday and I didn't get a latte in the morning on our way to the city.

    More food ideas about what I CAN eat, not what I can't.

  • All righty, here's where I stand. I had oatmeal with banana and walnuts for breakfast, decaf coffee, and about 2 hours later, a cup of green tea. For lunch, I ate tuna with hard boiled egg atop lettuce and tomatoes. After work, I ate an Almond Joy (not both pieces, just one). For dinner, I had half a steak sandwich that I bought before I started this Plan (I hate to throw food away), but I also ate some organic carrots and drank organic lemon ginger echinacea juice. So it's not perfect, but it's a start.

    I have a subscription to Whole Living Magazine, and essentially, this Plan is created to wean us off of "bad" foods (i.e., processed foods), as well as other ingredients such as wheat and gluten, dairy, and soy, then slowly re-integrate some of the foods back into our diet. So Week 1, Purify has us "clearing the slate", to give us a gentle, food-based detox. My question is, who has time to blend smoothies? And shop for all of these ingredients? I think it would have been better for Whole Living to give us a week's advance notice, to prepare us ahead of time to purchase these foods so that we can introduce them to our diets according to plan. Right now, I'm not going to be scrambling to the market to buy quinoa, tahini, and some of the other stuff. I have to watch how I spend my money, and I've already done my shopping for the week.

  • I just tried grapefruit with Agave Nectar. Yum!

  • Well, on day 3 and starting to feel amazing. My problem seems to be gas and bloating from all the fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains. My steel cut oats for breakfast seem to be the real culprit. Does anybody have suggestions to decrease this problem?

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