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Today's Challenge: Change Your Life This Month with Our 28-Day Plan

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The Whole Living Action Plan 28-Day Challenge kicks off Monday with a gentle, food-based detox and a brand-new set of whole-body exercises and stress-relief activities. Today and tomorrow are all about preparing for and familiarizing yourself with the Plan. Will you join us this year in our quest for total mind-body wellness? Get all of today's assignments here.

Tomorrow's challenge: Cut out caffeine and get some sleep. Get some sleep.
Yesterday's challenge: Mix and mingle. See past challenges here.

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  • I've just noticed I'm no longer getting notified of any posts after mine. Is this part of the new look or did I do something inadvertently to turn that feature off?
    It really takes away from the community aspect if I have to remember to check back through the day to see other people's responses. My profile appears to still be set so I get other people's comments.
    Are others having the same issue?

  • Is it possible to post all of the recipes for this coming week? Many of us will need to shop and nake in advance the recipes vs. waiting until the daily recipe posts? Many Thanks!

  • Hi and Happy New Year! I'm new to the challenge, today being my first day. I cannot seem to locate where the list of meals/recipes are located, let alone get the shopping list. Am I missing a step somewhere? Also, I noticed that my daily email didn't arrive until 6 a.m. central time but I'm usually already out of the house by then. Is this the standard time the daily emails arrive? If so, is it possible to get them earlier than 6 a.m. for that same day? I'm thinking that this program may not be for me but would like to get feedback either way about my inquiries - Thanks, Lisa

  • Here the address to cut and paste for the shopping list for weeks 1 and 2: http://www.wholeliving.com/article/action-plan-2011-shopping-lists?backto=true&backtourl=/photogallery/action-plan-2011-prep-days#slide_3 (or you can go to the action plan - weekend prep assignments and it's the third entry.

  • I agree with Dorothy - last year we had an actual menua daily plan to follow. Is the recipes going to be daily? Will there be suggestions for breakfast, lunch and supper? I want to shop for only 2 days at a time - the shopping list seems like a lot of stuf to have on hand - most vegs would not be very good after a week.

  • Just want to say, I am afraid that I will fail however, I am not afraid to start so this is my start to get healthy and taking it one step at a time. Please give suggestions as to eating exercise and relaxations that you have experience and share them with me. I will be greatly apreciative for that. Must succeed. My life depends upon.

  • Dear Janice: My goodness, starting out with such a negative impression, afraid that you will fail, won't help you succeed. We're all in this together. We'll all send you positive vibrations so you'll succeed. Send me some, too.

  • Yes, a daily menu plan would be most welcome. I feel a little unorganized right now going into this without one. Thanks!

  • I just read that tomorrow's challenge is to cut out caffeine.

    I have ADD and self-medicate with caffeine, since I have no insurance and cannot afford prescription meds.

    Any suggestions on my staying focused without caffeine? My day without caffeine is like one of those kid's connect-the-dots drawings without any numbers or letters to show which way to go. No fun at all and a big waste of time.

  • I do this anyway.I have no choice.This is about the only way to control pain since no doctors will give me anything for my pain.Happy New Year(:HUGS!

  • Does anyone else find the plan info really scattered and hard to follow? No meal plans? And the shopping list given for week one doesn't have the necessary ingredients on it to make the recipes in the week one slide show. I'm so confused.

  • Melodae, I have ADHD, and should not consume caffeine because I can't tolerate it; too much causes my blood vessels to constrict, resulting in muscle aches. You might want to wean yourself away from caffeine slowly. I don't know how much you consume daily. Do you have a cup of coffee, then drink cola or another soft drink that has caffeine in it later on in the day? Do you have more cups of coffee than is recommended? Caffeine can really add to the ADD symptoms, causing you to be more jittery. I would also like to suggest some online support groups, where you can read up on the condition and find out if there are any clinics that could treat you. CHADD.org, ADHDsupport.com & add.org are a few options.

    For everyone else: let's hope that this challenge is not going to make anyone detox in a negative way...our bodies naturally detox themselves without cleansing products like tea with senna in it. I'm assuming that this diet is going to have us eat more foods with fiber, we'll drink more water (bleagh, I hate water...), and, as it states, the most important thing to do is get more sleep. That's #1 on my list!

  • i am so excited about taking this opportunity to change my life for good

  • http://www.wholeliving.com/photogallery/action-plan-week-1-recipes#slide_6

    That's the link to all the recipes for the first week, so you don't need to wait for the emails in the morning.

    Week 2, 3 and 4 are on the same page.

    It's not the most user-friendly experience, you kinda have to click around to find it,

  • Kim, only in concentrated doses does caffeine make me jittery -- such as when I'd take NoDoz when in college. Now, I drink tea -- and have drunk tea for years. I can drink a big mug of really strong tea within half an hour of bedtime and sleep like a baby.

    Without caffeine (I was on Concerta or Adderall for a while, when I could afford them.), I cannot focus enough to get anything done. I wander around from one task to another without accomplishing anything.

    CHADD is expensive to join -- definitely not in my budget. Local groups don't exist. Sari Solden has the best book for help and it does not say to give up the one helping product I have.

    So, giving up caffeine is not worth the stress and depression caused by being unproductive.

    Not everyone has the same physiology -- not everyone can eat carbs and be thin. I eat fats and have excellent cholesterol and blood pressure.

    Cookie cutter plans are not that effective, are they?

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