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Today's Challenge: Cut Out Caffeine and Get Some Sleep

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Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life! Whether you're joining us for the complete Action Plan 28-Day Challenge or you just want to keep up your one-small-step-a-day pledges, this newsletter will keep you posted all month long with daily assignments and recipes. Today: Wean off of caffeine and get to bed early. Get all of today's assignments here.

Tomorrow's challenge: Kick off your cleanse.
Yesterday's challenge: Change your life this month. Pledge past challenges here.

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  • No Thanks. I tried it for Lent one year and the headaches that come with cutting out caffeine are not worth giving it up.

  • Maybe the challenge won't be to cut caffeine out all together. Maybe it could be to decrease by 1/4, them you might not feel the effects of your body detoxing.

  • Maybe not completely cut out caffeine. During the course of my day I do reach a certain moment when I need a cup of java in order to stay awake, especially if I have paperwork to do (I'm a teacher, and I always have something to evaluate). On the other hand, getting to bed earlier is something I would like to work on. Getting enough sleep, enough rest should be a priority for everyone. I've known of people who don't like to sleep because they consider it a waste of time and feel that they shouldn't be sleeping when they could be getting things done. What they fail to understand is that sleeping actually can energize one to actually accomplish more in less time when awake. So, while cutting down on my caffeine intake may not entirely work for me, getting more sleep most definitely does.

  • I was a heavy smoker and coffee drinker until 2004. Stopped smoking and to do that I had to cut way way back on caffeine. I walked round like a zombie for a few days...really out of it. Finally, the drugs out of my system, I started feeling better. Just recently, I got high blood pressure and the rest of the coffee and most of the tea had to go. Also found out coffee, even decaf, is irritating for people with cystitis. So,it's good to do the zombie thing, put up with a few headaches and get the coffee out of your system. You'll feel and sleep better.

  • This one will be hard, but I know it is the correct way to go. I have been cutting back on my caffeine - making half-calf coffee in the morning and drinking one cup of black tea in the afternoon. I guess that means tomorrow is decaf coffee in the morning and decaf tea in the afternoon. It will be my first day back to the office in two weeks - should be fun :)

  • I drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day. So I think if I can just limit myself to ONLY 1-2 cups of coffee a day, that will be a huge step and once my body adjusts to that, then I can drop it down to 1 cup then none. Coffee is the ONLY caffeine I really have. Not a huge carbonated beverage drinker but when I do it's always caffeine free. Getting to bed earlier will be my biggest challenge. I'm a night owl so I tend to stay up late (midnight, at least), but have to get up early every morning for work. I will definitely need to work at going to bed at a reasonable time. I know I will feel much better the next day, but it's just "making myself do it."

  • I will definitly cut it to 1 cup a day and then go from there. I guess all we can do is the best we can!

  • I think I am one step ahead on this one. I have been without caffine for 3 days now. The detox is annoying but nothing that can't be handled. I feel better today and am looking forward to feeling even better tomorrow.

  • I purchased green tea to drink instead of coffee. I'm completely addicted to the caffeine and didn't want to go through the headaches that come with not drinking coffee. I figured the tea would be better for me than coffee and would allow me to slowly cleanse myself of caffeine. My goal is to be caffeine free by the end of the 28 day challenge.

  • My husband experiences those headaches too when he stops drinking coffee. I've not been addicted to caffiene, but I was addicted to nicotine and, wow, I'm so glad I was able to finally quit. I had to whean myself tho. Took about three years. I snuck away alot, but it came to be less and less because sneeking is inconvenient to say the least, ha ha.

    I know you'll be able to cut down. Don't be afraid and we're all here to support you.

  • The challenge is to cut out caffeine TODAY. I don't know if there will be that pledge everyday. I've had those caffeine withdrawals, so I know what you mean. Why not pledge to cut 1/2 of you caffeine consumption today? Take tomorrow as it will come. This might be a good way of gradually eliminating caffeine, slowly over 28 days. There are other, easy and effective ways to recharge in the afternoon. Happy NEW Year, everyone! (I am going to miss my unhealthy but beloved Diet Coke today.)

  • It's not the caffeine I will miss, it is the taste of coffee. Just the smell wakes me up and makes me feel good.

  • i don't drink much caffine anyway so this is easy

  • Caffeine is no problem except I really like my green tea. 2 days in a row of drinking hot water and lemon - had to add a little stevia though.
    Still not sure how the daily menu will work without one this year??? Printed all 21 pages of recipes, but don't have a clue as to which ones to eat for 7 days? Help.

  • Willing to go halfway on this one. I absolutely need to go to bed earlier but my caffeine is at the bare minimum now. I had to give it up last year for health reasons but once the scare was over I eased back in a couple of cups of coffee in the morning. Makes me a much better person to be around.

  • I didn't drink a cop of coffee for two days, and I am gonna try to hold on for 28 days.

  • I have a continual challenge to not drink diet cola....due to both the caffeine and artificial sugar. I have gone to purchasing excellent coffee on line that is mailed with in 12 hours of roasting. Also purchased an expresso machine. The excellent flavor of the decaf is overriding the need for caffeine in the AM coffee. Regarding the tea...currently I am still on caffeinated but...that is because I do not brew my own. Not ready to make brewing a daily habit. That is the next challenge.

  • I used to be addicted to coffee until I decided to go through the withdrawal headaches almost 15 years ago. I haven't had a sip of coffee for at least 13 years and I don't miss it at all! I also got myself off sodas several years ago and these two changes have made weight loss so much easier. Now I just drink water, tea (green or herbal usually) and alcohol occasionally.

  • I don't need to quit today or in the future because I already did when I was a teenager....
    Since then, I turned to herb teas, water, hot chocolate, apple cider.....
    My best wishes to all participants.....

  • I can not cut out caffiene.It does not affect my sleep in any way at all.I drink only 2 cups of coffee a day,but tea I drink constantly.I could not cut this out(the tea).It would be determental to my health.(:HUGS!

  • I am working on it! I hope to switch to green tea and then wean off of that, but today, I just needed my coffee. Good luck everyone! This is a tough one!

  • going to sleep early will be easy, cutting out caffeine not so easy

  • I get up at 4:00 a.m. so early to bed is a must. I gave up a Pepsi addiction three years ago. Drink decaf green tea now.

  • I had one cup of coffee today - I usually have three. We woke up at 4am to drive home early from a week skiing in Tahoe, some coffee was necessary! I'm really looking forward to the detox this week, will be going to bed early and took a quick nap cuddled next to my daughter this afternoon as she read the rest of her homeworkfor Monday morning. Happy New Year everyone!

  • No thanks, I'll pass! I typically only drink black coffee and then not even on a truly daily basis. I am not a soda drinker (diet or regular) so I believe I have acceptable caffeine intake.

  • I am regular tea drinker and drink regular 12 ounce can of coke at work only, one every day. we moved to a new office building but there are no vending machines. I can only get a can from a friend's office fridge but I am trying to sub with water. goal to reduce from 3-4/ wk to none. Tea? to go decaff seems to lose the flavor? hmm.

  • I have a great solution and it has worked great for me and my husband. We just could not give up caffeine - it was too missed -- so, we switched our coffee to "half caff". We simply buy a bag of regular coffee and a bag of decaf coffee and we mix them together evenly and store it in a large air tight container. It is just as satisfying and we are ingesting 1/2 the caffeine we used to. It has been an awesome solution for us. TRY IT!!!

  • Withdrawl headaches after not having coffee, just goes to show how badly addictive it can be. I'm definitely going 100% and cutting it out. So glad the challange has begun!

  • *challenge, oops.

  • I've been an ex-smoker for a few months now but I'm still a hard core Diet Coke junkie! I usually drink an average of 4-5 cans of that caffinated, bubbly beverage every day. My goal is to cut it down to one a day for the next week or so then my sister suggested buying those tiny cans until I can kick the Diet Coke habit completely. Nicotene and caffeine have been my vices for years... but I'll be happy when they're both gone for good!

  • worst caffeine buzz I ever had was after drinking several cups of green tea while I was under the impression that green tea was caffeine free. (It is not!) Couldn't sleep all night!

  • not caffeine on a Monday after New Years weekend,=\ cant do it.

  • i got the message to late...so i have already had my morning cup but that is usually the only caffeine i have all day ...so tomorrow i will try.

  • Feeling lonely... hardest for me is to go to bed earlier, as I feel like cutting the best part of my day, but will definitely make it a try. Don't want to quit the first day !

  • I do not know if Yoga would be helpful to my condition with my back.I have a herniation from work at L5,a slip at L1,and another herniation due to this healthcare system not taking care of the others at L3,now.Does Yoga help or hinder something like this?

  • I would love to go to bed earlier, but I find that without caffeine I'm a very aggressive person, both with my family and out on the road!

  • I have only one cup coffee a day, and 3-4 cups of tea of all sorts (white, green and regular black). I just like the flavor of each of them; it's a comforting thing for me to have a nice cup of tea. But giving up the dark chocolate!.. That's the challenge I have no idea how to address!

  • Giving up pop and am three days out. Feels much better today than the last two with headaches. What's also tough is the sugar that goes along with it!

  • For Sophia,M.,McConnery
    YES Yoga will "help" your back! Good posture, flexibility and strengthening core muscles is the answer for herniation of discs in our backs. It is not a Healthcare System problem. It is our responsibility to "take charge" of nurturing our bodies.

  • I would appreciate a sample eating plan as I don't know how much food to eat for all the 5-6 little meals we eat. Is there one online from previous years?

  • I'll cut down but giving up would set me up to fail. I did this for lent one year. After 40 days, I did not feel better, just tired and I had a headache. I do agree too much caffeine can be a problem so just one cup in the morning and switch to green tea the rest of the day. That is a reduction for me!

  • Like many others, I have tried to cut out caffeine before and found myself a less-than-happy person. So my modified pledge is to cut the dairy and sugar out of my coffee this week. I'm already as pared down as I can be (1 latte or 1 cup of coffee in the morning, 1 cup of black tea in the afternoon).
    I usually skip breakfast, so I had a small bowl of oatmeal (sweetened with honey) this morning with a few raisins and craisins (are dried fruits "processed"?). Here's to a great 2011 everyone!

    @ Sophia,M.,McConnery
    Yoga can be very helpful for many musculo-skeletal complaints. However, certain poses may need to be modified depending on your particular problem. I would speak with an experienced yoga instructor before trying any new poses. It also would not hurt to check with your doctor, too. Just my 2 cents.

  • I voted yes to the challenge as I will cut out most caffeine. However,I have to keep my one cup of black tea in the am. Every time I try to cut that out, I get a huge headache. The rest of the day I will drink herbal teas and water. Going to bed earlier is difficult but I will do it!

  • Ok, I've already had one cup of coffee this morning before I even opened up my email to see todays challenge so my pleadge will be to not drink coffee the rest of the day. Sound easy but its not. Its cold and rainy here and I usually drink between 3-5 cups on a day like this to help keep warm...even though I have the heater on, lol. But today at least I will refrain from drinking any more coffee and replace it with herbal tea if I need a warm up =) Going to bed earlier sounds great! ThisI will try, and I will put my kids down earlier too hopefully we can all get more rest. They've been on vacation and up later at night, we need to get back on schedule. I don't know how easy it will be but I will try my best!

  • Sorry I've already had a cup or two of coffee before reading the challenge so I am out for today.

  • I sincerely love coffee. It's aroma, earthy taste, and dirty texture (depending on brew method, but I use french press or Melitta, which brews a thicker consistency.) Mmmmm, yum.

    As a little experiment, I have cut back on coffee consumption by limiting my coffee drinking to before 3pm. I have been on this for two weeks! And I am actually tired at 10:30pm, the perfect hour for me to get ready for bed and get those extra two hours of sleep.

    I decided that I would skip coffee today. It's my day off, so even if I turn into a crazy-person, no one will know.

  • I'm with Sally... I love the smell and flavor of coffee in the morning. It's a part of my daily ritual that I love. But I will try to cup from two cups to one, then maybe go to half-caf or decaf.

  • I'm not a coffee drinker, never liked the taste (but I love the smell!) I drink a ton of herbal tea in the winter (sometimes 5-6 cups per day). But is caffeine so bad? I have ADHD, and I hear that it really helps non-medicated ADD'ers (such as myself). One time I made a big pot of caffeinated chai and drank it all day, and I have to say, it did seem to help take away some of the ADD brain fog. Caffeine seems to really wake people up in the morning... is it really a toxin to clear out? I have such a hard time waking up in the morning --- maybe I should be adding caffeine to my morning routine.

    BTW -- green tea is one of the best antioxidants out there, for you coffee drinkers, maybe substituting green tea for your coffee would be a good next step rather than going all the way. You'd lower your caffeine AND benefit from the antioxidants.

  • To Sophie on the question of yoga:

    Try ki-hara resistance stretching -- it took away 12 years of severe back pain when nothing, including yoga, acupuncture, and many physical therapists helped a bit (I did the PT religiously too).

    After 2 sessions of ki-hara, my back has never gone back to what it was. I've done a total of 10 sessions, and it's such a smooth, gentle, wonderful workout and truly changes your body. I wish I could afford to work with a ki-hara trainer regularly, but the severe back pain has never returned.

  • Will give up carbonated drinks and cut right down on coffee and tea...probably not completely but limit to 2-3 cups per day.

    Definitely need to go to bed earlier.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Caffeine...probably not..I lived in Hawaii in my 20's & love Lion's Hawaiian coffee...but I only drink two cups a day, drink herbal tea in the afternoon & I do not drink soda so should be okay!

  • I would love to cut out caffeine, but it helps get me through the day. I usually have one cup at work (3 times per week) and iced tea several days a week. I don't drink anything but water past 3:00 PM or I will be up all evening (that's when I drink herbal teas). Just cannot give up the caffeine entirely. Also, my dad custom roasts my coffee and it is so good!

  • It seems like a lot of us are on the same page when it comes to drinking green tea & trying not to ingest too much caffeine. it's amazing how much caffeine is in products that are not coffee! As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I'm caffeine sensitive, but on occasion, I have consumed regular coffee, which is when I don't get enough sleep & I feel run down. This morning, I drank a cup of decaf coffee, then had some green tea later on (which has less caffeine than other teas & coffee). One little cheat...I had some Pepsi (only 8 oz.) with my sandwich. Like Kristen and some others, I love the smell of coffee (great description, by the way, Kristen!). As for the sleep part...that's very tough. I'm a night owl, and usually get about 5 1/2-6 hours of sleep. But I have a new thing...since I get home early, I take a half hour snooze on the sofa before dinner. That doesn't make up much, but it's a start for me right now. Good luck to us all with this challenge! ;-D

  • Cutting out caffeine is a major headache for five days and then poof - it's gone:) Once off caffeine you will find you do't get that sleepy mid-afternoon feeling either because it was really caffeine withdrawal from your morning java. I've done it - not fun but great when it's over.

  • I'm also going half way on this one. I will get to bed earlier, but I only drink one cup of tea a day. I'm not addicted to caffeine, actually not every cup of tea I drink in the morning has caffeine in it. I just love tea and some of the flavors I like don't have a decaf version.

  • I drink quite a bit of coffe and want to quite because I plan to quite smoking as well and the go together for me. I also have to take a medication that says to not take with caffeine. Does anyone know how long one cup of coffee in the morning will last in my system so I can take my medication?

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