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What Role Does Your Gender Play in Achieving Your Goals?

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Have you been inspired by the possibility a new year brings?  Are you busy setting goals for your career, your health, etc.?

Before you turn over a new leaf, you should know that your gender might play a role in whether or not you reach those goals.

A new study by LeadershipIQ (a goal-setting consultancy), found some interesting differences between how men and women set goals:

For starters, men tend to visualize achieving their goals more than women do. In sports, “success visualization” has been shown to improve outcomes. So, ladies, this year, build in some time to daydream about achieving your goals.  It may make the difference between in your dream becoming reality.

You may not be as surprised to hear that women invest more emotionally in their goals than men. That means ninety days into the New Year, when most have dropped their resolutions, it may more likely be women who keep going because of their deeper commitment.  As a female colleague put it recently, “I am planning to really own my goals in 2011.”   Maybe after this study, more men will take that approach as well.

Reading the survey results, I found it interesting that men tend to not procrastinate on their goals as much as women but they don’t set as difficult goals.  I’ve studied organizational psychology and while it’s good to set “stretch goals," setting goals that are too challenging can actually stop you in your tracks.  It seems on this point both men and women have something to learn.

Are you setting goals for your career this year?  Improve your chances of success by reading my SMART goal-setting tips.  Join the Whole Living Action Plan Challenge too where on January 26-28th I’ll be online taking career and life coaching questions on the Discussion Board.

Here’s to making 2011 your best year yet!

Maggie Mistal is a certified career & life purpose coach and the host of "Making a Living with Maggie," which airs every Friday at 4 p.m. ET on Martha Stewart Living Radio, Sirius 112, XM 157. Please visit her website at MaggieMistal.com.

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  • Interesting to see that men don't set goals that are as difficult as women.

    One tip that I have found when goal setting is to focus on things that you are good at and enjoy - we can always improve on things that we are already good at. And it makes the goal more enjoyable and with a better chance of success.

  • Great point Karen - we tend to focus on improvement goals when focusing on our strengths can get us further faster in a way that's more fun! Appreciate the comment and insights. Happy New Year

  • Hello!

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