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Off the Deep End - Trance Through Scent

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This blog is a chance to share my exploration of alternative healing and encourage others to try something new.

When my wife asks me to smell a new product, there are two scents I often note - “flowery” or “soapy”. However, after an essential oil therapy dropped me into a deep trance for over 2 hours – I realize that I have to expand my nose knowledge and vocabulary.

My healing artist friend Donna Carroll told me about an essential oil therapy called the Raindrop technique. Basically seven different essential oils are gently massaged one at a time into points along the spine and on the feet, sometimes using a wonderful light feathering stroke. I already knew that smelling specific essential oils can have different therapeutic benefits, but was curious if I'd experience any direct stress relief with the oils being worked into my body.

Within 10 minutes of having my feet worked on I was already relaxed and breathing deeply - I remember  having a clear image of being annointed. When I heard my name and was asked to turn over, my body took a few minutes to respond - it was that kind of relaxed. As the oils were dripped on and  rubbed into my back I soared off into an even deeper relaxation. I had a vision of gliding along a snow-covered river. I saw myself in a big white church. I felt I had wings at one point...It was truly a beautiful moving experience of flow.

A heated towel was applied to allow the oils to soak in, but my body had already absorbed most of it. When it was all finished, it took me at least 10 minutes to get up off the table. I was offered a chance to relax in another room where I continued the process, spending another hour in a rather dreamlike state. I felt that I was releasing a lot of old baggage while getting specific images and feelings of protection and hope. I definitely felt lighter after it all.

As with most alternative practices, everyone responds differently, and maybe meditating over the last eight years allowed me to go deep into the process, but after an experience like this, I am taking more time to stop and smell the rose-scented conditioner that my wife brings home.

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