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Tasty Vegan Chocolates for Valentine's Day

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The world of vegan chocolate has never quite measured up to the real, dairy-based thing. Until now! There are a slew of artisan chocolate makers hand-crafting delish dairy-free chocolate treats, emphasizing pure (and sometimes raw) ingredients. Here, some of our favorite offerings.

1. Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars The vintage paper-wrapped bars from this Brooklyn brother duo may be too beautiful to tear into, but one bite and you'll be hooked. Each earthy bar is made up of just two ingredients: organic cacao and organic cane sugar, both sourced from small farms and co-ops around the world. Pair it with a glass of red to fully bring out the dark fruit undertones. To buy: $8.50 each, at frenchbroadchocolates.com.

2. Divvies Two Hearts These dense chocolate hearts, made primarily from chocolate liquor and non-dairy cocoa butter, have a smooth, rich texture that'll make anyone melt. The company behind them crafts sweet treats without peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and milk for those with food sensitivities. To buy: $6, at divvies.com.

3. Rawclates Goji Rose Chocolate Bars An antioxidant powerhouse, these small-batch raw bars are studded with dried goji berries for a slightly tart, chewy delicacy. To buy: $11.50 for 3, at etsy.com/shop/Rawclates.

4. Rawtella Alright, Nutella fantatics (you know who you are), this brand-new raw version of the Italian hazelnut spread is worth a try. It's loaded with soaked and dehydrated organic hazelnuts, organic cacao nibs, and coconut crystals for an uber-fudgy, extremely rich treat.

And while it is high in heart-healthy fats from the nuts (more than 20 go into each jar), you'll steer clear of ingredients like palm oil, sugar, emulsifiers, and artificial flavorings, found in traditional Nutella. To buy: $14 for 6 oz, at rawguru.com.

Want to make your own antioxidant-rich treats for the holiday? Try one of our tasty chocolate recipes here.

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