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Whole Living Staffers Pig Out (Literally)

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Last week, we had the pleasure of receiving A LOT of pork from Prairie Orchard Farms, a company in Canada that has started to produce pork enriched with omega-3s (seriously!). Our lovely deputy food editor, Shira Bocar, decided the best way to use up the, ahem, 19-pound fresh ham was to have an end-of-the-week feast! Photos below. Happy weekend!

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1 The pork, which cooked low-and-slow for 8 hours (!) and roasted potatoes

2 Deputy food editor Shira Bocar (far right) telling editor in chief Alex Postman and senior editor Terri Trespicio how she prepared the pork with a rub of toasted fennel seeds and fresh herbs.

3 Deputy editor health and beauty Olessa Pindak digs in

4 Tasty, indeed. Now...back to work!

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