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How to Create a Car Console Crumb Catcher

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What’s the last thing you dropped into the black hole between the front seat and the console in your car? Was it a pen, a quarter, a French fry? Recently I conducted a very unscientific poll, I asked a long time employee of a local car wash to name the most common items he vacuums out of the crevice; his top ten list included the usual suspects: food and wrappers, credit cards, jewelry and makeup, pens, cords, paper, coins and keys.  Last week, after my favorite earring took a dive I came up with this super simple solution to prevent items from being lost forever—a Car Console Crumb Catcher!

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1 Stop digging around for lost objects in the car!

2 Choose a pair of socks that match the interior color of your car.

3 Open the sock and scrunch down slightly to make stuffing easy.

4 Fiber fill—such as pillow stuffing—works best for this.

5 Fill the sock evenly from toe to top.

6 You can rearrange the fiber fill as needed until the shape mimics the space between your seats and the console.

7 Once it's filled, tie the sock to close.

8 Wedge the sock in the gap between the seat and the console.

9 Voila! The sock completely fills the space where stuff used to fall.

10 It even stays in place when the seat is adjusted forward or backward.

11 Never lose anything in the car again!

The crumb catcher couldn't be easier to make.  I simply used a stuffed sock to fill in the gap between the seat and console thereby preventing anything from falling into the black hole.  You’ll need about eight handfuls of fiberfill (I used pillow stuffing) and a pair of knee high socks.

  • Choose a sock color that most closely matches your car’s interior so it blends well.  Since the inside of my car is tan I permanently “borrowed” a pair of my husband’s beige dress socks that he hasn’t worn in a very long time (yet still refuses to part with.)
  • Once you’ve selected the socks stuff them each with about four handfuls of fiberfill. You want to the filling to be as even as possible the length of the sock. Leave enough empty at the top to tie a knot to close the sock. Then wedge one on either side of the console- - filling the gap between the console and car seat.
  • Caring for your new a car console crumb catcher is super easy. Shake out when dirty and machine wash as needed. So the next time something drops the console catcher will do its job and you won’t have to risk getting your hand stuck to dig it out!

So I have to know, what was the last item you dropped into the console crevice on the top ten list? Tell me in the comments below.

What other household items do you hate throwing away but aren't sure how to put to good use? I take requests!

Until next time keep it simple and clutter-free!

Jamie Novak, The World’s Most Relatable Organizer, is author of "Stop Throwing Money Away: Turn Clutter to Cash, Trash to Treasure—And Save the Planet While You're at It." Please visit her website at JamieNovak.com.

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  • Was the last item you dropped into the console crevice on the top ten list?

  • Thanks for the reminder, Jamie! I picked up a cuban sandwich for lunch today between meetings & by the time the 2nd meeting was over I'd forgotten all about the pickle slice that fell into that black hole. Think I'll go try to fish it out now. Anyone have a pair of black socks they no longer use?

  • Jessica that is *too* funny! And now I want a Cuban sandwich :)

  • Note: adding pickle slices as the 11th item to the top items list. Turns out Jessica is not the only one who let me know they lost one in the black hole.

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