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My Stylosophy: Bike New York's Emilia Crotty

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Emilia's Style ID: sporty yet girly

National Bike to Work Day is Friday, so we asked Emilia Crotty (an educator at cycling nonprofit Bike New York) for advice on which styles are best for commuting cyclists. Her own sporty-chic wardrobe takes her easily from 9-speed to office. Check out her stylosophy and some of her favorite pieces after the jump.

Clothes should always be versatile. Sometimes I have important meetings right after spending two hours on a bike, so I need something that’s dressy but also comfy.

My most crucial accessory is my rear-mounted bike basket. I’ve learned less is more when it comes to carrying things around. A backpack can get hot, and a messenger bag twists my back while riding.

When buying new clothes, I always ask: How well will this breathe? You really can ride to work without getting all gross. Just go at a leisurely pace and wear wicking materials like wool and athletic fabrics. I also like to use a body mist, like Dove’s Go Fresh, after summer rides.

When it's raining, I wear a giant rain poncho from Public bikes. The slits for your hands keep it from flying up when you ride.

It's all in the details. I love shirts with thumbholes in the sleeves. They’re great for protecting your hands from the wind.

I've made one beauty sacrifice for cycling: never letting myself get bangs. I’ve wanted them forever, but they’d just wind up crushed under my helmet.

I feel most confident when I'm wearing leggings and a short tunic. It’s a flattering combo for my not- so-long legs, and leggings won’t get caught in my chain.

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1 “I’m happier—and more visible—in bright colors.”

2 “Pedal toe clips are a hassle in traffic. Treaded boots grip nicely.”

3 “The hood is cut to maintain your peripheral view.”

4 “Those round ‘stylish’ helmets get sweaty. I like sportier ones with ventilation.”

5 “It’s easiest to bike in dresses that are loose or A-line shaped.”

1. Easy Crossover tunic, $78, bodenusa.com
2. Harness 8R boots, $218, thefryecompany.com
3. Riding Hoodie, $99 (CAN), riyoko.ca
4. Bell Sweep helmet, $140, amazon.com
5. Drop In dress, $54, athleta.com

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