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Challenge of the Day: Be Positive

Challenge of the Day: Be Positive

Today, be extra mindful of the things you say about yourself. “The moment you self-criticize, you block your power to improve,” says Patricia Moreno, author of “The IntenSati Method.” Catch yourself saying unflattering things and shift your attention to something you like (your hair, your good taste, your sense of humor).

To help with today's challenge, learn How to Stop Being Perfect.

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Tomorrow's challenge: Assert Yourself.
Yesterday's challenge: Make Eye Contact.
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  • [...] Here’s a little blurb from Whole Living Daily about negative self-talk.  [...]

  • Gosh, I haven't been perfect for so long, I forget what it was like! I think it was in my teens and right around the time that my parents (and several other adults of my acquaintance) knew absolutely nothing about anything. Time healed all of that, of course!

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