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Eat Your Way Around the World… Without Leaving Home: Yoga Off the Mat

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As someone passionate about travel, food, and working to diminish cultural/social boundaries, I certainly love Sasha Martin’s Global Table Adventure (GTA) project.

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1 Crunchy jicama & chayote salad that Sasha recently made as part of Honduras's meal.

2 East Timor's Bakso Noodle Soup

3 Sasha with her husband Keith and daughter Ava.

4 When cooking the food of Djibouti, Sasha made traditional Laxoox with spicy lamb stew.

What, exactly, is Sasha’s mission?

To eat her way around the world in the company of her husband Keith (a.k.a. Mr. Picky) and almost 2 year-old daughter Ava… without ever leaving Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Over the course of 195 weeks, Sasha will prepare meals from each of the word’s 195 countries.  Traveling in alphabetical order, they’ve already eaten their way from Afghanistan to Honduras.  Their final destination?  Zimbabwe.

Each dish is beautifully documented on www.globaltableadventure.com, a great forum for any cook in need of inspiration.  Sasha not only posts lovely photographs of each meal, but also recipes and a blog about the experience.  You can also find a few adorable videos of baby Ava trying new flavors.  What a great way to diversify her palette!  As Sasha told me, “By growing up with one meal from every country in the world, Ava’s mind will naturally be curious and open.”

I was very curious to hear about the inspiration behind the project.  As Sasha told me, “I needed a creative outlet, my daughter was just starting out on solids, and I was thinking about all the negative things happening around the world. At the most basic - I wanted better for myself, my family, and the world.”

Sasha was also experiencing a bit of a cooking rut after moving to land-locked Tulsa.  Establishing GTA was the perfect remedy.  Additionally, she conquered the goal of broadening husband Keith’s culinary horizons!  According to her, “When we first met he had never had fresh spinach & he didn't know what an eggplant was.”  Despite the odd ingredients certain dishes might call for, the Martins are able to buy everything locally.  I like Sasha’s motto: Eat Global, Shop Local.

In this ever-increasingly interconnected world, highlighting stories of positive transformation are more important than ever.  I respect Sasha for doing just that. Her project offsets the onslaught of negative and, at times, exploitative media by uniquely encouraging tolerance and global awareness.  We are undisputedly and universally bound by our basic needs: food, sleep, shelter, and love (Yes, I consider love a necessity verses a bonus).

As Sasha relayed, “I believe that Global Table Adventure's uplifting focus on the food and culture of countries around the world will help people appreciate and come together over our common humanity.”

Definitely check out the website, learn about food from all over the world, and try some great recipes.

Sophie Herbert is an alignment focused yoga teacher (and perpetual student), a singer-songwriter, and a visual artist. She has lived, studied, and volunteered extensively in India; teaches yoga in Brooklyn and Manhattan; and recently released her first full-length album, "Take a Clear Look." Please visit her website at SophieHerbert.com.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing our story and Adventure. We really do create peace when we learn about each other - when we understand one another.

  • What a nice article...My sister Sasha is awesome! Lets hear it for the worlds differences coming together on her very own Global "dinner" plates....what a neat adventure. I hope everyone enjoys her creative writng and her creative focus on the food!

  • I very much enjoy the Global Table Adventure website.... a touch of personal, a touch of fun and smiles and a bunch of interesting facts each week of a different country and the customs of it's people including recipes with great how-to-prepare and finished pictures of the weeks menu and Monday meal-review with short (precious) video....

    Congratulations Global Table Adventure with your amazing project and web-site... well done!

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