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Econundrum: A Natural Way To Whiten Tile Grout?

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Q: Is there an eco-friendly substitute for bleach that I can use on my bathroom tiles? —Nicolette Jarvis

A: First, remember to ventilate! Mildew and mold that infest grout thrive on humidity. Toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in household cleaners have recently been associated with elevated risks of breast cancer, so instead of chlorine, which is terribly caustic and harms aquatic life, scrub an oxygen-based bleach such as Biokleen’s on your grout with a toothbrush or stiff grout brush. You can also try making your own paste using baking soda and a little water and white vinegar.

Mindy Pennybacker is Whole Living’s “Econundrums” columnist. See her answers to reader questions and ask your own here.  She is also editor of GreenerPenny.com and author of Do One Green Thing: Saving the Earth Through Simple, Everyday Choices.

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  • I have had great success cleaning my white tile grout with a steam cleaner like the one made by Shark. Mr Clean sponges work well, but I will use up several sponges to clean one room.

  • 'Tis the season for ground squirrels and gophers! Is there a humane (? :) ) method to rid gardens of these pesky critters without compromising my vegetable and flowers?

  • I did not know that the chlorine can cause breast cancer. In the house, we are fond of using it. We did not know the effect of it to our health. I know now what to do. I must lessen the use of it.

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