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Make 60 Recipes for Smoothies with Whole Living's New App

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Whole Living Smoothies iPad App Doesn’t a blackberry-cinnamon smoothie sound delicious right about now? Or a watermelon-tomato blend (that’s also allergen-free)?!

I’m thrilled to announce that The Whole Living Smoothies App is now available on the App Store for iPad (iPhone coming soon!) just in time for summer. It’s got 60 easy-to-follow recipes developed by our very own deputy food editor, Shira Bocar, which are available in three themed bundles (and three more to follow soon for in-app purchase), including “Essential” (quick and easy), “Meal-in-a-Glass” (loaded with protein and fiber for a balanced liquid lunch), and “Allergen-Free” (clean blends that avoid nuts, soy, dairy, and wheat). (Two additional bundles, “Weight Loss” and “Detox,” will also be available very soon for in-app purchase.)

What I love most about this app are the wildly inventive ingredient combos. In our household we liquefy a lot of blueberries, bananas, and strawberries (an easy way to pour antioxidants down your kids’ gullets), but it would never occur to me to blend apple, carrot, and ginger, say—or avocado and pear, or buttermilk and date (okay, maybe that one wouldn’t be a fave of the little ones). The app also includes detailed nutritional information, how-to videos, a glossary of smoothie ingredients, and a roulette-style recipe finder that lets users search by main ingredient and type of smoothie (such as fruit, dairy, or tofu). You can always just spin the wheel and see what the health gods suggest for you. Bottoms up!

Alex Postman is the editor in chief of Whole Living. Can't find us on newsstands? Get a subscription here. As always, we love to hear your feedback.

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  • Looking forward to the iPod release! I make smoothies every morning for both my wife and myself.

  • I am so disappointed with this magazine that I am thinking about dropping my 3 year subscription.

    Ever since this magazine has become a Martha Stewart holding its focus has been on food and recipes. Every cover features food. These recipes are often very complex and not very healthy. There hasn’t been one recipe in the month after month that I have seen that I would want to make. They contain expensive ingredients that most us don’t have in our pantries, really! This magazine has turned into another Martha Stewart life style magazine that mimics her other ones. When the new food magazine comes out that is currently being developed by Martha Stewart does this mean Whole Living will be discontinued? Also there is clothing and home design falling into this magazine! Trendy, expensive items that most of us could not afford in this current economy!

    This magazine used to focus on Mind, Body, and Soul…there are very little mind, body or soul articles, often those are short and hard to find.

    I am a naturalist who used to enjoy the magazine for its holistic approach to well being and life, keeping things simple, real, soulful.

    Perhaps you should look through the back issues and see what you are missing!

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