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My Raw Challenge: Day 10

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Remnants from last night's raw dinner

I took yesterday off from the blogosphere because I had the least exciting day of eating probably, hmm, in my entire life. I didn't eat much. I presume my stomach is beginning to shrink, which makes sense. I mean, I'm taking in so many fewer calories than I was just 10 days ago. The craziest part of cleansing is realizing how quickly your body reformulates.

Case in point: I am a snacker. Samples arrive to the office (crackers! granola! hummus!) and my first reaction after tearing open the post-marked box is tearing into the food. Yesterday I found myself sitting in a meeting around 4--prime time for snack cravings--and as my co-workers munched on some whole-grain crackers, I felt nothing. No urge. No remorse. Zilch. And it's not like I had just scarfed down food. It had been hours since my salad with raw walnuts, avocado, and cucumber. All I had eaten to round out the rest of the day were a banana and an apple. (I promise I am still eating when I'm hungry.)

For dinner, my raw-star friends Eliana and Eleni and I decided to go out. Living in Manhattan's East Village, we're lucky enough to have more than a couple raw dining outposts right in our 'hood. Instead of going somewhere all raw, we settled on a vegetarian restaurant where we figured there would inherently be enough raw menu options.

1 of 5

1 This is what an all-raw entree at a restaurant looks like.

2 Here, are a sampler of raw appetizers.

3 Carrots for my lunch.

4 Simple dressing with vinegar, raw honey, crushed red pepper flakes, and sea salt. Mint, too!

5 Tossed in some pepitas for protein.

We were those girls asking what was raw on the menu at an already decidedly healthy restaurant. It felt wrong. After the waitress listed our limited options, we decided to go with the one all-raw entree: strands of daikon radish, zucchini, and carrot over garlic-lemon marinated kale tossed in a tahini sauce. It tasted probably how it sounds like it did: meh. We also got a sampler platter of their 5 raw starters: pickled vegetables, kimchi, curried cashew spread, garlic-lemon kale, and an arame salad. That was for three of us. Three grown women. I couldn't judge the portion sizes, so we asked the waitress if she thought it was enough food. "Well, you guys obviously aren't starving," she replied. I mean, I was going on just a couple pieces of fruit and a salad, woman! It was already a quarter to 9. Of course I was starving. Nothing else fit into our strict regimen, so we just shrugged. We were being experimental...how low could we go? I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

What I realized last night is that if I'm going to keep this up (and I fully intend to at some degree after I eat two slices of pizza on Saturday), I will either a) not try to eat out for my raw meals or b) go to a restaurant that doesn't specialize in raw food and order something close to raw. Last night's dinner made me really feel like I was sacrificing something, and a successful lifestyle that does not make.

Today, I've already eaten a banana, an orange, and a shredded carrot salad with fresh mint and vinegar. Oh, and I snacked on some fresh peas. I'll probably run down and buy an apple at some point. It's really become something I don't think too much about. I still miss the temperature of food, but I like that I always feel good right after I eat. I mean, sometimes a gluttonous food coma means you just had a meal to write home about. You need those once in a while. Most of the time it doesn't. We just eat, eat, and eat some more until we realize we're so full we can't move. Not good.

So what about you? Do you think you'd ever take a walk on the raw side? I dare ya.

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  • I think I heard my stomach growl as I read this. Kuddos to you!

  • Does ceviche count as raw?

  • ooh thx for the ceviche recipe!! I'm going to try it. I never liked seafood, this seems intresting!

  • Author Comment:

    Technically ceviche counts as raw, but many raw foodists follow a strictly vegan raw regimen, so they steer clear of raw fish and meat.

  • There are some really great raw food places near where (I assume) you had that dinner. Pure Food and Wine is great, but pricey, but they have small cafe around the corner called One Lucky Duck that has amazing (and reasonably priced for the size) salads. I also like Caravan of Dreams, which is about 50/50 raw and cooked.

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