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My Raw Challenge: Day 12

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I made it. But it was not love at first sight. It took some time.

I may not have a full 14 days under my belt, but I completed what I set out for: two full workweeks and one weekend of a raw food cleanse. I am jonesing for some real food. I'm also sick. I know that your body can experience some cold-like symptoms when undergoing a serious detox, but my sore throat and sniffles sprung up just a couple days ago. And guess what you want when you're sick? Warming foods. Soup, please! Not another salad.

But I'm persevering through the end of the day; I've just got to finish strong. This morning I wanted to boost my immunity with a green juice, so I walked over to The Juice Press, a hip juice and raw food bar that offers celeb-buzzy cleanses. For $11, I got 13 oz apple, 2 oz kale, and 2 oz spinach freshly pressed. If I could afford to drink this for breakfast every day, I most definitely would. Starting off your day with a nutrient-dense juice is so invigorating--and actually staves off hunger for longer than you'd think.

To celebrate my last day, I also splurged on the store's Coconut Seviche (above), marinated chunks of organic coconut meat with jalapeƱo, radish, cilantro, and lemon juice. One of the best meals I've tasted over these past couple weeks.

As excited as I am to eat _______ (insert food with melted cheese here) tomorrow, I'm most looking forward to the raw diet I continue after this. I'm not going to eat all raw all the time, but I really do think a majority of my diet will be raw (at least during the summer and fall), especially now that I've seen I can get fairly used to a raw vegan lifestyle. I just really miss Greek yogurt. Eggs, too.

I'll check in Monday with what I eat over the weekend. I'm not going to go overboard and overwhelm my body, but I am going to give it what it wants: pizza!

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  • Yaay!! I've been following! I'm really proud of you!! Looking for more posts!!

  • You could actually juice that yourself for less than $1.50. And it would be fresher and come without a plastic bottle. Nice job on raw, but why not try unprocessed raw foods instead of juicing? That way you could eat the whole veggie, including the fiber which is great for your system. And it would keel you fuller longer. Good luck!

  • Lindsay! Congratulations on completing your raw journey. I have enjoyed reading about it. I, like you, also enjoy eggs and the occasional pizza along with a healthy dose of some fresh foods! Give this thin crust pizza a try sometime - I promise you will absolutely love it. It's my version of guilt-free pizza...it's loaded with spring veggies.


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