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My Raw Challenge: Day 5

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Maybe it's because it's Friday. (Woo!) Maybe it's because yesterday was too easy for being knee-deep in a strict cleanse. Maybe it's because some sea salt-cracked pepper crackers just arrived to my desk to sample, and I can't. Whatever the reason, today is a little tougher than I expected it to be.

I woke up hungry---and that's never good.

I suddenly wondered if I had forgotten to eat dinner entirely. Then I remembered there were salad greens...and avocados...and tomatoes. I grabbed a late dinner with two of my fellow raw friends and one of their co-workers. It was impromptu, inspired by the fleeting cool summer nights in NYC, and patio seating was on the mind.

After scrutinizing the menu--and arousing questions from our neighbors ("And why are you depriving yourselves like this?")--and haggling the waiter (his kind suggestions were met with a glum "Nope, that's cooked, too") we decided on the only two no-cook menu items: chunky gazpacho and an avocado-sprout salad, only after confirming that the carrots in the dressing weren't steamed, of course.

As the dishes were served, and our cooked food-eating friend got her tuna sandwich with baked, oozy Cheddar, I realized that the comfort of warm food is what I miss. I really could do without meat, I think; dairy would be more difficult. But I'm not really a room-temperature kind of cook. I like my food hot!

Breakfast this morning: cold. I scooped the flesh of half a papaya. I also snuck a few bites of a radish while making my salad. (I was hungry!) For lunch, I'm about to dig in to a carrot-red onion-kale-radish salad topped with sunflower seeds. You're so jealous.

1 of 5

1 My raw-star roommate Eleni befriending tomatoes.

2 Chunky gazpacho

3 Wah! I wanted a bite of this tuna sandwich.

4 Instead I settled for an avocado-sprout-cucumber-tomato salad.

5 Lunch today. I've realized that the spiciness of onions helps stabilize cravings, so I used almost an entire half of one.

It ain't easy being raw. I'll have some time this weekend to be more adventurous, so stay tuned for and wish me luck on my progress.

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  • WOW!! good for you...keep going, I'd love to see how you feel after doing this challenge! Happy Friday!

  • I love reading this blog! I've always been interested in a raw food diet cleanse. This is such a huge help. Keep up the good work, I can't imagine how hard it must be. At least you have a roommate that is participating. That must really help. My roommates are constantly bashing my healthy eating habits, which makes it hard at times.

  • [...] terrace with a grill (that's not an everyday occurrence in this city). I'm currently following a raw food cleanse so I didn't eat the entire spread, but this salad stole the show. And while it's not 100 percent [...]

  • My husband and I are on day 10 of our raw food regime and smoothies and are loving it finally. The first few days were a little tough but the produce right now is excellent so it is much easier. We just made raw spring rolls for dinner.....Yum! We had started with some raw foods about a month ago and my husband has lost 10 pounds! Post anything to our site if you have good recipes.

  • Author Comment:

    That's great, Martha! Ten pounds, wow. The raw recipes from our July/August issue should be on the site soon! Keep checking the homepage and good luck!

  • [...] a grill (that’s not an everyday occurrence in this city). I’m currently following a raw food cleanse so I didn’t eat the entire spread, but this salad stole the show. And while it’s not [...]

  • I have been raw for one month now, and boy do I feel a whole lot better! I did not need to lose weight, but I have lost five pounds of bloat!
    This is the first time I have read this blog, as I discovered today after picking up a copy of Whole Living.I made the marinated portobella recipe tonight for dinner- fantastic!!! I served over a bead of greens in addition- yum!

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