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Defuse Road Rage

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Challenge of the Day: Avoid Road Rage

Challenge of the Day: Avoid Road Rage

When another driver gets your ire up, try this tip from Whole Living contributing writer and stress-reduction expert Kate Hanley. Intensify and then release feelings of stress by clenching your jaw on an inhale then releasing it dramatically as you exhale. Repeat by raising your shoulders up to your ears then letting them drop, clenching the steering wheel, and then releasing all excess pressure from your fingers. Squeeze your glutes and then allow them to sink further in to your seat. "You'll be telling your stress, 'Yes, I know you're there. Now please move along,'" Hanley says.

For help with today's challenge, find quick fixes for road rage and other everyday disasters.

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  • To avoid road rage--- I use public transportation :-)
    PS You really need a "not applicable" category to your questions :-)

  • Clenching your jaw or your teeth is bad for both of them. Leads to headaches and root damage of your teeth. Just FYI. Try just breathing deeply instead and listen to calming music. Enjoy your ride.

  • I started listening to christian music during my 1 hour-2 1/2 hour commute (depending on the traffic jam). It works, I swear. And when it doesn't, you have catholic/ guilt, which is much safer than road rage.

  • I live in a rural community. We have no road rage troubles here. The only pauses in speed are occasional tractors, milk trucks and Amish buggies. All three are reminders of what a great part of the world we live in.

  • I appreciate the act of acknowledging the stress before banishing it. It's more realistic, and, for me at least, more helpful. (Although, I'm going to agree with a previous poster about the jaw clenching -- I have to skip that part.)

  • I don't have to defuse 'road rage' because I don't get it. I recognize that we all are on our way to somewhere, both literally and metaphorically, and if it is that important for someone to arrive 8 seconds before me, I let them in in front of me.

    I have learned over the years that what little you gain by 'winning' in these situations is quickly lost in the damage it does to you. It does sometimes frustrate people in the car with me that I let the person in the other vehicle 'get away with it' but I don't see it that way. Maybe by me ceding to him, he will be less wound up in his dealings with others for the rest of the day and, somehow, that will come back to me.

  • I always have a good laugh when the person who passes me in such a hurry ends up beside me, behind me, or just in front of me at the next light. What was that about the tortoise and the hare...

  • I went to a lunch where the speaker said "Change the story". Since then I have tried this when people are road rude and it works remarkably well. For example instead of cursing the person for cutting me off I pat myself on the back for letting that person who is driving his pregnant wife to the hospital get in front of me.

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