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Tame Your Junk Drawer with this Simple Trick

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Challenge of the Day: Tame Your Junk Drawer with This Simple Trick

Challenge of the Day: Tame Your Junk Drawer with This Simple Trick

Chances are there's a drawer in your house that's overstuffed— you know the one. Take charge of the situation with this easy fix from recycling expert and Whole Living Daily blogger Jamie Novak: Take several clean, recycled cans or jars and arrange them in tight group. Tie a lightweight scarf or ribbon around them and place them in a drawer that needs taming. Use the collection of containers to wrangle makeup, office supplies, or utensils, and voilà—a problem area becomes a useful tool, with no trip to the organizing store required.

For help with today's challenge, learn how to Clear Your Clutter, Find Your Life, and get step-by-step instructions on making over your junk drawer.

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  • What's the point of the scarf?

  • I guess the scarf keeps the cans/jars from moving around too much? It'd keep them in a nice tight bunch and they'd probably be less likely to fall over.

  • I think that idea was really lame. You'd be better off buying one of the drawer inserts with many small compartments or using a series of small boxes, which is what I do.

    First of all, it would take a while to save all of those cans/jars, so it's not a quick fix and secondly, junk drawers typically have many different sizes/types of junk. It all doesn't fit perfectly into similar jars or cans.

    I don't get the idea of the scarf either, especially since I don't see it being implemented in the photo.

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