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Five Ways to Turn Clutter Into Crafty Picnic Helpers

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Just in time for all the summer fun here are five ways to turn everyday clutter into picnic helpers.

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1 Cardboard drink holders make a great silverware organizer for an outdoor picnic.

2 Some have only four compartments, while others have up to six.

3 Once you're finished with them, they fold completely flat for easy storage.

4 Make sure condiments stay put.

5 Keeping everything in one place makes serving and clean-up a cinch.

6 The best way to multitask on the picnic table? Use a muffin tin to serve all the extras—you only have to wash one pan!

7 Don't let ice melt into a puddle. Instead, put it in a colander positioned over a bowl.

8 The bowl underneath will catch the ice water, so the cubes will stay cold longer.

9 Regular baking cups can keep your laundry load down.

10 Add a baking cup to the end of a popsicle stick to catch whatever melts off.

11 No more chocolate shirt stains!

12 Fresh corn is a summer menu staple, but cleaning it can be a pain!

13 Use an extra toothbrush to clean the silk strands off the cob in no time.

  1. Need a silverware organizer? Look no further than the cardboard caddy from a pack of bottled beverages. Most of these collapsible carriers have four, but some have six sections, perfect for storing picnic items. Just tuck silverware, napkins, straws, salt-and-pepper shakers and even condiment bottles in the caddy to easily tote them where you need them, like outside.
  2. Turn your muffin pan into an organized condiment server. Diced onions, sliced pickles, mustard, ketchup, and all the other condiments fit in the divided sections of the pan. Set the pan out and everyone can top their own burger or hot dog. The muffin pan can also hold all the toppings for an ice cream sundae bar. Yum!
  3. A kitchen colander is the perfect place for beverage ice cubes. Nest the colander in a bowl to collect the water as the cubes melt. Add a pair of tongs and guests can help themselves.
  4. Stop the chocolate stained T-shirt epidemic with a baking cup. Before handing little ones a drippy ice cream, slip the stick through a baking cup. The cup will catch the drips and you’ll have less stained laundry.
  5. If you just had to have the twelve-pack of toothbrushes during your last trip to the big box store then you have a toothbrush to spare. Turn that extra toothbrush into a corn on the cob cleaner. The fine strands of corn silk come off with the simple swipe of a brush.

I thought of these five crafty ways to repurpose your clutter so your next picnic is a success! But I’m sure you already repurpose something at your picnics. What is it?

What other household items do you hate throwing away but aren't sure how to put to good use? I take requests!

Until next time keep it simple and clutter-free!

Jamie Novak, The World’s Most Relatable Organizer, is author of "Stop Throwing Money Away: Turn Clutter to Cash, Trash to Treasure—And Save the Planet While You're at It." Please visit her website at JamieNovak.com.

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