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Let Go of Old Stuff and Move On

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Challenge of the Day: Let Go of Old Stuff and Move On

Challenge of the Day: Let Go of Old Stuff and Move On

Chances are there's a connection in your past that you're still somewhat haunted by, even if the end came long ago. (You know the one.) Today, take action to clear any holds that old entanglement may still have on your psyche by tossing the things in your home that remind you of that person -- photographs, items you purchased together, gifts, or mementos. "When you eliminate all of the emotionally charged reminders from your physical environment, you also create the mental space you need to see your experiences more objectively, and truly move on," says New York City Feng Shui consultant Laura Benko. Let the healing begin!

For help with today's challenge, learn how to clear clutter and find your life.

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  • I have just recently started receiving and reading the healthy articles from Whole Living Daily. I have enjoyed each one that I have read so far, however, "Let go of the old stuff and move on" hit a chord with me and immediately reminded me of some past items I needed to discard in order to move on successfully. I am in the process of transitioning to a new job and moving to a new location. Reading the wonderful tips offered today gave me a clear picture on how to make my transition an easier one. Thank you so much for your feed back. I look forward to future helps from your website.

  • When I read this the first thing that came to mind was a lovely scarf that was given to me by an old friend and musical partner. She took a stance firmly against my getting married, and we parted ways very painfully. She sent me the scarf for my wedding, but I realize that she didn't really believe in the union, and although it's lovely I have never used it. I was hoping that one day I could look at it and remember our relationship in a positive way, but I realize now that it's only reminding me of things that I need to move past. When I put the scarf into the yard sale box I felt a wrench because it was so beautiful, but the lightness afterwards has taken more off my mind than I knew.

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