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My Stylosophy: Krrb's Brooke Williams

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Brooke Williams, the executive editor of Krrb and a busy mom, is passionate about finding colorful vintage pieces that have real staying power. Check out her stylosophy and some of her favorite pieces after the jump.

Your clothes shouldn’t distract from who you are. I try to pick outfits that reflect my personality without being overwhelming. You’ll probably never see me in sequins—or sweatpants for that matter!

Aim for wardrobe diversity. When I'm trying to decide whether to buy something, I always ask myself if I already own a piece that’s similar. After all, one needs only so many navy-blue turtlenecks in life.

Don’t forget vintage. I love that so many of the older styles were built to last through more than just a season. And why let these clothes go to the landfill when you can put them to good use? I’m particularly drawn to the lines and shapes from the ’40s and early ’60s, but i never know where i’m going to find my next treasure. Yard sales, thrift shops, websites, upscale vintage boutiques—you just need to keep your eyes open.

I get emotionally attached to my clothing. For example, I wear a classic yellow Izod cardigan all the time that belonged to my husband’s grandfather. It also reminds me of the preppy pieces I adored as a kid.

One piece can elevate your look. A tank dress is as comfortable as an oversize T-shirt but makes me look modern and more pulled together. And adding a nicely fitted blazer to any outfit will provide instant polish.

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1 “I’m a die-hard Levi’s fan, and this classic jean jacket looks great on anyone.”

2 “I’ve never been into diaper bags. This one is big enough to haul it all without looking frumpy.”

3 “A flattering tank is the foundation for all good outfits.”

4 “I’ve been wearing Jill Platner’s handmade pieces for 15 years.”

5 “My mom frightened me into wearing nice underwear so I won’t be embarrassed in the ER.”

6 “Sweet William is the most fun and stylish kids’ clothing store out there.”

1. Trucker jacket, $80, urban outfitters.com
2. Haitit bag, $80, mango.com
3. Super Skinny Racerback tank, $16, urbanoutfitters.com
4. Whalebone belt, price upon request, 212-324 -1298
5. Yanelis bra, $110, araks.com
6. Kids Case Taylor suit, $68, sweetwilliamltd.com

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