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Prevent Overeating with a Simple Trick

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Challenge of the Day: Prevent Overeating with a Simple Trick

Challenge of the Day: Prevent Overeating with a Simple Trick

So hungry you could eat an entire bag of chips or bowl of party mix? Before you put anything in your mouth, first take a few moments to envision eating that whole bag. That simple act makes you less likely to overindulge, according to a 2010 study published in the journal Science. Researchers found that study participants who envisioned eating numerous M&Ms ended up eating fewer of the candy-coated treats than those who instead visualized either doing a mundane task or eating only a few M&Ms. They theorized that the act of imagining helps acclimate the brain to whatever food you're craving, so that you are less motivated to eat more when you actually eat it.

For help with today's challenge, check out these 200-calorie snack ideas.

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