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Reduce Stress in a Moment

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Challenge of the Day: Reduce Stress in a Moment

Challenge of the Day: Reduce Stress in a Moment

If you feel too busy to start a regular meditation practice, John Selby, meditation teacher and author of "Expand This Moment,” suggests choosing one or several "focus phrases" that you can repeat for a few moments several times throughout the day whenever you want to step off the merry-go-round of your swirling thoughts. (Examples include "I choose to enjoy this moment" and "I feel the air flowing in and out of my nose.") Choose (or create) a focus phrase, then practice saying it at least several times daily—maybe when you sit down to start the day's work, as you walk your dog, or right when you get into bed. "While you're holding a focus phrase in mind, all other thoughts naturally become quiet. You keep your thinking mind busy thinking specific words that focus it away from thinking," Selby writes.

Learn how to reduce stress with meditation and breathing.

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