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Take Three Minutes to Give Thanks

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Challenge of the Day: Take Three Minutes to Give Thanks

Challenge of the Day: Take Three Minutes to Give Thanks

Today is World Gratitude Day. To get in the mood, take three minutes to free associate and write down all the things—big and small—that you're grateful for. While you might immediately think about your family, your friends, and your health, challenge yourself to go deeper, to get more specific. Maybe you're thankful that you got to the bus stop just as the bus arrived, or grateful that you got the last chocolate chip cookie at the bakery. It could just be that you're happy to be wearing your favorite shoes. The more detailed you get, the more your sense of gratitude will unfold. You don't have to be having the best year ever to cultivate gratitude.

For help with today's challenge, read about how rituals can keep you grounded.

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