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This Week in Green: Empire State Building is Officially Eco, Prince Charles Builds Homes on the Galapagos, and the Kindle Does Book Rentals

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Our favorite news stories and blog posts from the ecosphere.

Empire State of Mind
After a $100 million, two-year green renovation, Inhabitat reports that the Empire State Building is now officially the tallest LEED-certified building in the United States. Here's hoping other older landmark buildings follow its lead!

Patagonia + eBay = Eco Soul Mates
The supergreen outdoor apparel company is now telling its customers to avoid buying new products from its stores or website without checking eBay first, says Treehugger.

More Strikes against BP
The New York Times reports that BP took a series of shortcuts when constructing the Macondo well that ultimately contributed to the massive blowout and oil spill last year.

Royal Real-Estate Planning
Ecorazzi says Prince Charles's foundation is planning to help with the construction of 1,000 homes on the Galapagos Islands. Sure, they'll be eco-friendly, but you still have to wonder what Darwin would think about that.

Climate Attitude Change
A new Reuters poll says that 83 percent of Americans now believe that global warming is real (compared with 75 percent last year). Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry are still with that 17 percent chunk of disbelievers.

E-Read All About It
Amazon has announced that it plants to launch Kindle book rentals at lower price points than purchasing titles, says Apartment Therapy Re-Nest.

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