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Save Money with an Easy Household Trick

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Save Money with an Easy Household Trick

Challenge of the Day: Save Money with an Easy Household Trick

The average household throws away 14 percent of the food it buys. Pay attention to everything you pitch today, then brainstorm ways to get more bang out of your buck and avoid adding to the landfill. Stale cereal? Buy a smaller box next time (or fewer of them), or store it in an airtight container. Veggies you never got around to using? Next time, make it a point to only buy what you plan on eating right away. "When you pinpoint why and what you toss, you can make changes to your behavior," says Jonathan Bloom of wastedfood.com.

For help with today's challenge, find 12 ways to reduce food waste at home.

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  • My biggest waste was celery. Now I use half fresh and freeze half for soups and stews right away.

  • Oh the basin of my existence, trying to reduce kitchen waste... Especially fruits and veggies... I don't think I'm buying to much...we just don't eat enough :(

  • Oh the bane of my existence, trying to reduce kitchen waste... Especially fruits and veggies... I don't think I'm buying to much...we just don't eat enough :(

  • Mostly use what we have, bread goes bad sometimes.
    I find extra fruits can be used in smoothies. some frozen for ice cubes. Veggies can be made into sauce.
    Cook up in stir fry or soups. I have myself and sometimes two when I have more than enough I freeze for later date in portions.
    If I find some veggies fruits over stay welcome, my chickens get them. Plus if you can recycle into compost.
    Meat is the problem at landfills due to bacteria, etc.
    Veggies and fruits compost. Recycle whatever you can, use less plastic, now organic stores are filling up laundry detergent so as to not add to waste

  • I've been trying hard to turn our kitchen into a waste free kitchen. I'm also big on zero plastics and a toxin-free kitchen right now. Even the odd ends of vegetables get used up - like cauliflower greens and broccoli stalks. Going through veggies doesn't seem to be a problem :)

    But I got this wonderful solution for storing veggies and they are special green bags. I love them because I don't have to use plastic ones anymore (hurray less plastic in my kitchen!!!) It says they are made from Clay Zeolite and are supposed to last forever and ever. Your veggies and fruits will keep in the fridge for at least 3 times as long in the fridge, no joke! Mine are called Debbie Meyer Bags, but I'm sure there are different brands and I've seen them everywhere from the dollar store, walmart and the grocery store.

  • If your bread is stale or molded too soon, try keeping it in your fridge. Or you can even freeze a portion, well-wrapped. Or, best yet, bake your own.

    I find I use more and toss less celery if I take half and cut it up for snacking pieces. I keep a container of the pieces front and center of the fridge so it's handy.

    Joining a CSA (community supported agriculture) really helped me cook better, use all items, and all around eat better. The fresh veg and fruit just inspire me to honor the farmers' work and earth's bounty by not wasting food.

  • Didn't know you can freeze celery?
    Aside from that please all be thankful we have these options of 'leftover' food .

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