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To Do This Weekend: Lose the "To Do" List

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Challenge of the Day: To Do This Weekend: Lose the

Challenge of the Day: To Do This Weekend: Lose the To-Do List

Plans and lists are great ways to get things done. But scheduling every moment of every day prevents you from enjoying the pleasures of spontaneity and surprise. This weekend, give yourself the gift of a few hours with nothing on the agenda and let your desires guide you in your activities. "Drift toward what you want to do and away from what you don't," advises nun and Whole Living Daily blogger Sister Karol Jackowski, Ph.D. "Only when we plan to do nothing at all can the unexpected lead us to the paradise of doing what we love."

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  • Thank you. Am starting to see this letting-go out of the vice of must- and should-do's as an essential spiritual practice.

  • This is what weekends are for - step away from the regimented life of Monday-to-Friday with its gotta-do oughta-do pressures and take some me-time and us-time. Your kids will never remember that you got the groceries done, unpacked and into the cupboards by 11:30 on Saturday morning so you could get lunch on the table by noon but they will remember going for a walk and making a pile of leaves to jump in.

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