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2012 Action Plan Prep: Go Raw Until Dinner

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The holiday season really rang true this past weekend when I was frantically finishing last-minute prep (roasting squash, making a second batch of from-scratch ricotta) for a dinner party, while my apron-clad roommate baked sheet pans of mini Bundt cakes. A night of food and cocktails ensued and left me feeling less than prime the next day. 

Keeping in mind that the Whole Living Action Plan kicks off January 2, I woke up yesterday morning and pledged to go raw until dinner. Going raw---eating foods that have not been heated above 120 F (this temperature is debatable, but this is a good average), so think lots of fruits and vegetables and raw nuts and seeds---forces you to really evaluate what you're putting in your body and reconnects you with how foods make you feel. I figured I could use mini pre-cleanse tuneups over the next 11 days so that my body isn't enter a state of complete dietary withdrawal. Check out our article from the summer where we have raw recipes, including dessert (yup, it's still allowed!).

Ready to charge into the new year with a revamped you? Join a handful of Whole Living staffers and me when we kick off cleansing January 2!

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