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Whether you're planning on serving a Christmas roast or Hanukkah brisket, upgrade your beef to grass-fed, which means the cattle grazes in the pasture throughout its lifetime. Unlike its conventional counterpart (which is fed grain for all or part of its life), grass-fed beef provides conjugated linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that helps you reduce abdominal fat -- a prime predictor of heart disease. Find out where you can find grass-fed meats in your area, and support your local farmers and butchers!

Learn how to shop for well-raised meat.

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  • I'm only passing because I'm a vegetarian.

  • This is a hard one to answer because, for me, a 'healthier meat' is not beef regardless what you feed it. So, yes, I'll eat healthier meat but, no, I won't eat beef.

    There needs to be a 'doesn't apply' choice!! I don't want the beef industry counting me as one of theirs!

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  • Its easy to say "Find out where you can find grass-fed meats in your area". The reader would benefit if the author provided some links or some resources on where to go to find that information.

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