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Eliminate Lingering Germs

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Challenge of the Day: Eliminate Lingering Germs

Challenge of the Day: Eliminate Lingering Germs

Your cold may be history, but the virus that caused it may still be clinging to your toothbrush. To minimize your odds of reinfecting yourself, the Academy of General Dentistry recommends getting a new one as soon as you feel like yourself again. And to keep from spreading your germs to other family members, forgo a communal cup in favor of a storage solution that keeps toothbrushes separate from each other.

For help with today's challenge, get our natural remedies for the winter season.

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  • Soaking your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide will disinfect it thoroughly.
    It also saves your money and reduces waste of resources.

  • I thought you couldn't catch the same cold twice? Enlighten me please! :)

  • I assume that after having a virus, one would develop antibodies and immunity to that virus. I opt to disinfect my toothbrush, since I change toothbrushes every 3 months.

  • I use a sonicare toothbrush that came with a disinfecting ultra violet light, pretty neat! I also use bacterminator.com covers for my iPhone and iPad to keep them germ free and non toxic to my kids.

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