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The 2012 Whole Living Action Plan Is Here!

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I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the annual Whole Living Action Plan, and I am thrilled to announce that the story is now live on our site! Read through all the details here and then pledge to commit to this mind-body detox come January 2.

Over the course of three weeks, you'll banish processed anything, added sugars, dairy, gluten, caffeine (it's just a break, not a permanent end to your morning latte), and booze (we won't know if you sneak the occasional glass of Pinot, but doing away with alcohol during the cleanse will help boost liver function), and instead supercharge your body and mind with purifying and detoxifying fruits and vegetables (loads of 'em), slowly adding back seafood, legumes, eggs, and gluten-free grains.

If it sounds intense, well, that's kind of the point of a detox. To pare down. To give your digestive system a vaycay.  But the benefits---more energy! weight loss! better sleep!---will surely outweigh any initial symptoms (sluggishness, headaches) you may experience.

It's never too soon to start prepping for this start-of-the-year cleanse of ours; in fact, mentally preparing yourself now amidst holiday party soireeing and sugar cookie bingeing is smart. (Check out Secrets to a Successful Cleanse for six more get-ready tips.)

So, what do you say? Ready to charge into the new year feeling your absolute best? Join me! I'll be here blogging almost daily about the experience. Feel free to ask questions, share advice, whine about green juice and how much you miss chocolate, you name it, via comments here or by emailing me directly at wlchallenge@marthastewart.com.

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  • Add http://www.clearyourcells.com herbal tea to your grreen juice...Pack onthose antioxidants!

  • I am so excited for this years challenge. It gets better and better and is such a great way to start a new year! I'll be back checking into your blog for sure. I didn't read in on people's progress on the challenge last year, so I think it'll be nice to participate in conversation about it for motivation!

  • I have been struggling for some time now wanting to shed at least 10 pounds and tend to give up after a week even when I think I have found the best system of losing weight without starving myself. Also, I am wondering if I have an intolerance to gluten. I realized this when I went to France in the fall for a visit and where I had lived for 30 years. After several days of eating delicious French baguette I was so bloated and sluggish that even though I was doing alot of walking I did not feel any better. I feel a need for a detox and get my system back into shape as well as my body.
    I saw and bought the whole living magazine with the action plan and do have a question. For example: for the first week for breakfast there are 3 juices, are those just our choices for the week? same with lunch and dinner? I just want to make sure I am understanding the choices for meals.

  • I too am wondering about the menu. Its not clear in the magazine or on the website about how many calories you should be eating a day. For the first week it seems each day is significantly under 1000 calories if you eat one recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Could this question be addressed?

  • This would be my very first cleanse. Not sure what kind of juicer to buy....one that doesn't break the bank? May I still excersice? Any othere helpful suggestions for a first timer would be awesome - super excited and super nervous!!

  • After reading about the plan more on thecwebsite I see snacks are included in the eating plan. Now I'm excited and confident in starting this clense.

  • Kerrie - I picked up an affordable juicer at Bed, Bath and Beyond this weekend. It was a Sharper Image and only $79 (plus with after holidays sales, it was only $50-something). I figured that it will sustain me through this challenge and if I feel that I want to continue with the juicing, I can invest in better equipment in the future.

  • Vicki and Kendra, it looks like we choose per day one breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner (plus snacks) from the list they give us. We'll have to repeat some during the week.

    "We're giving you 10 recipes per week — double some so you have a full week's worth of meals (and recycle any of the previous week's recipes)."

  • So happy my Whole Living came in the mail yesterday so I can start on time with everyone. I'm a stay-at-home mom finishing my Master's degree and my internship will start a few days after the challenge ends. I feel I'm "reinventing" myself so I am on-board!
    Kerrie - I don't believe we have to have a juicer. My magazine said there are smoothie recipes for a blender on the site. I need to track those down!
    One question I have is how many snacks can we have a day?

  • Thank you all for your advise! This is exciting. Visualizing how good all the recipes will taste and how fantastic I will feel. Not to mention, sharing with my little ones...

  • I actually started the plan a week early and can share that the recipes taste fantastic. I love the flavors in the butternut squash soup and the coleslaw with kale and cabbage. Be prepared tho to spend some time in the kitchen, I prepared a day in advance so I would have my lunch dinner and snacks ready to go. That way I'm less tempted to go off plan.

  • I am looking forward to this for my second year! This cleanse caught my eye last January. I was a little behind the official start. I just jumped right in though and to my complete amazement I found I was gluten intolerant. Which forced me to change my eating habits permanently. I lost 15 lb.or so during the initial cleanse, but because I learned so much about how to eat better and what is not good for my particular system, I am thrilled to say I lost 40 lb. total this year and I am still loosing. I can't wait to get started.

  • I've started with a few of the recipes too, and I can't wait to try them all. I'm normally not a fan of cauliflower but roasting it in the oven with sea salt and adding hot pepper flakes made it taste wonderful.

    My one concern is cutting out coffee -- I'm afraid of the caffeine withdrawal symptoms. But I've started cutting down on my intake today to get a head start.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Jessica- I'm thinking the exact same thing. You think we can still have green tea? Chai tea? Or wait, that's caffiene but natural right?

  • I love reading the comments and advice from everyone! I am so ready and excited! I am still confused about the number of snacks to eat each day and how many calories per day we should eat. I love to workout, but I don't think it would be a good idea if I'm consuming less than 1000 calories a day? And I'm with you caffiene lovers, very nervous about withdrawals.

  • I started today because I knew that withdrawal would be hard to do my first week back to work. From past diets, I know I get cranky for the first few days! Definitely saw that today. I know you eat one meal and snacks, but feel like the recipes are a bit unclear at how much food or how much of a serving to have. I made the Broccile and Squash for dinner and ate it all though it said it made 4 servings. With saying half a broccoli head and a squash, I felt like I made it smaller than it was supposed to be and I was very hungry. I made the soup and only had one cup as it said it was six servings. I would love more clarity in the serving sizes, please.

  • Ive found all of the food really filling, I workout intensely each night doing an hour of kickboxing, I've been drinking a smoothie each morning that are around 130 calories...I haven't missed the caffeine yet and I own a coffee shop! For the lunches ive been eating a serving of the soup and a serving of the coleslaw. Many of the meals have low calories but higher fat contents which really help in keeping you full. I made the fruit and nut balls withwalnuts and dates. Those are the one main thing that have really worked in keeping me full and have satisfied my sweet cravings. I used a little unsweetened coconut to roll them in instead of sesame seeds. I was worried about the higher fat content on the meals but ive lost 5 pounds so far in the three days ive been doing the plan.

  • I too am excited to start this detox. As a holistic health and nutrition coach, I am always eager to try different detoxes. To address the questions above- typically during the first couple weeks of detox, you should not be doing intense exercise. Your body is working overtime to cleanse itself. If you do exercise it should be light walking, yoga, very gentle Pilates. Also I have found that significant calorie reduction can be very difficult to maintain. One poster above mentioned that there is a higher fat content to the meals which. Ales you feel fuller. Absolutely spot on- so don't opt for any fat free or low fat options- your body needs the fat to function. In using your oils and fats try to go for non GMO and organics- your cleanest options. Full fat organic cultured, pastured butter or clarified butter (ghee) are great options! As well as a cold pressed organic olive oil, coconut oil ( my favorite!) can't wait to try this and follow the comments!

  • Okay - thanks for commenting ladies!! So double up on the recipes, join the soup with the coleslaw for lunch and have a smoothie each morning...taking notes here. Going to Bed Bath and Beyond tonight - can't wait to make fresh juice for my lil' ones! There has got to be a food processor/blender in one - maybe a ninja? I can use it for canning too...mmm...

  • PS Kendra & Debbie - thank you, thank you, thank you for starting a week early! Sending grateful blessings your way!!

  • First I love Whole Living Magazine-And I am excited to start this challenge. It is my first one and this is the first time I feel so very motivated to go for this. However, I know my greatest challenge will be the self-control and will power to stick it out. I am in my late fifties my dear ladies and am fighting the real battle of the menopause bulge. It is more than what it is cracked up to be and I think I was not in time early enough to do something about it. So, I am asking for your kindness and support on this one.! PS I was fashionably fit-firm and slender until 46. I am 56 now and I am really frustrated! This needs to work for me. I was a fatty at fifty- and want to be nifty for sixty!!

  • Kerrie I would double up on the veggies if you're still hungry on the broc and squash meal but only use 1 tbl of the tahini with each meal.

  • Thanks sister for the tip with veggies and tahini oil....Ms. Kristi - may I still take the amino acids (brain calm),fish oil, chromium and white shell fish my therapists has me on? Would that ruin the purpose? I was thinking yes then I thought ummmm...no- its natural. Help me Help me! May therapist is on vacation and not available...

  • Kerrie I meant 1 tbl with 2 servings of the veggies. Sorry not to be confusing.

  • Are there any supplements we should take since we aren't having grains or dairy or meats?? Thanks everyone!

  • Great comments from everyone above! I'm jumping on board with you all. Yey! My husband is very supportive, going down his own path toward better health but the goals are closely aligned, and since I am the family cook I pretty much dictate what goes on the table each evening... does make life a bit easier. I've already started ramping up with cutting out alcohol and sweets and I have a juicer.... highly recommend this. My favorite morning juice is 2 green apples, 2 carrots, a touch of ginger and lemon. Yum!

    My daughter and I just went vegetarian as well! So, this should be interesting. You can read about our decision to go vegetarian on our blog: Simplychicks.blogspot.com

    Good luck to everyone on this cleanse! We're all in this together. Happy 2012!

  • To Carol - I know exactly how you feel I am 52 and at 42 I was as you say fit and firm. Seems like I woke up one day and my body was totally different. Lifestyle changes had some effect on this but I really need to get back to my "happy weight" and am looking forward to this challenge as a way to be smart about how I do it. Self control is a huge issue for me and I am determined that I will get past the first couple weeks as I know I will feel better then and be motivated to go further. Good luck to all!

  • I've been a bit confused about the daily calorie count, too. I also hope to shed pounds, but I understand that too few calories a day is counterproductive. I also remember in the article the nutritionist said she wants our stomachs to rumble four times a day. Is doubling up on the meals "permitted"? It seems like a great idea to stay on track if we get really hungry, but I'd like to reap the maximum benefits from this plan. But, Kendra, like you mentioned above, you've lost weight even with combining meals.
    Also, giving up my warm, morning cup of coffee for a few weeks will be hard and I definitely need a substitute. Is green tea OK, or at least herbal?

  • Third day for me on cleanse. Yesterday went really well, but I can tell today will be tough as I woke up with headache and hungry. There is a lot of time in the kitchen on this cleanse so I suggest cooking/chopping ahead for those of you who will be working and starting this. I don't have a juicer so doing the smoothies which I have enjoyed so far. I am eating veggies that are new for me so it has been great and tasty.

  • I too am confused about the daily allowance of snacks! And also the serving sizes appear very small. Am I only allowed one serving per meal? I know this will be tough and I am trying to wrap my head around it spritually and mentally! Thanks for all the great tips, and I am so excited about the results I know I will see! If anyone has the answers to the above questions I would appreciate the feedback! Good Luck everyone!

  • this is my first cleanse and i am excited to try it too - thanks for all the comments -- i too am confused around the amount of snacks and whether it is ok to add fruit and veggies during the day if i am feeling hungry

  • ferouciously preparing for the start of the cleanse.....got my fruit and nut balls made and squash cut up !! thanks for my helping husband makes this alot easier. My question is....there is a link under action plans that has addition menus and states "17 more meals approved for week one" but some of them have fish and chicken so I'm wondering how this link got attached to this program however there are some recipes that sound o.k. and worth checking out. Also wish there was more direction on amt. of servings......how many snacks.....Hoping I can drink small amts of almond milk which is delicious and filling on a hungry stomach, some brands have no added sugar.....only almonds???

  • This is the first year I'll be doing this detox (or any detox for that matter) and I was given the suggestion to try by my mom since she wanted some support. I'm pretty excited. I know a lot of people had questions on serving size and how many snacks etc. so I thought I'd share what I've decided to do. One of the articles online said to snack/eat every 3-4 hours so basically every 3-4 hours I'm going to have a smoothie or snack. I'm doing the smoothies since I don't have a juicer and I'm not in the market for one right now. Also I'm not going to worry about serving size since these snacks, etc are healthy I'm just going to snack like usual (think mini meals or bowl meals). The smoothies will be my mainstay (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and if I'm super hungry I'll have smoothie and snack. Good luck everyone! :)

  • I too am super excited to get started...I am preparing today and look forward to feeling great inside and out and thanks to everyone for sharing...this will be helpful as I am doing this alone ( or at least in my immediate circle at home) so knowing I'll have this accountability to share and read is awesome! My digestive is a mess...

  • Kerrie! Hey there! I would continue to use what your therapist has recommended. What you listed sounds perfectly fine to take. Not sure how you react to taking your supplements on an empty stomach, so just make sure you eat ;) I am on Day 2 of this and WOW was day 1 very hard for me. Apparently I had a lot to detox from the holidays! Today is going much much better! It seems there are a lot of people confused about calories. This is what I am doing: Each meal is pretty low cal for the most part. I am going slow and listening to my body. Yesterday it was screaming for warming foods (Ayurvedic thinking) so the soup and sesame balls were a VERY welcome part of the day. In fact, those sesame balls are my saving grace i think- the sugar cravings were getting awful and those saved me! I am not focusing on calories and I am eating until gently satisfied. I did feel the tummy growls yesterday and it made it difficult to prepare food. Today I was prepared ahead of time (had made double batches of recipes). For Susie, just doing smoothies may make this very hard to do. You need to make sure you are incorporating good fats and a (colorful) variety of foods to keep it balanced. Good Luck to everyone tomorrow! Stay strong and drink lots of water! (I have also been doing herbal teas to help!)

  • Pulled my juicer out of the cupboard, washed it up and set on the counter for breakfast Monday. I'm so excited and scared. I haven't done a cleanse in 10 years (and boy does it show around the middle) Thank you for your inspiring magazine. I will be following all your progress this challenge.

  • I am so excited to start the detox and can't wait to get started in the a.m. Thanks to all for sharing your ideas and thoughts. I just finished shopping and cooking to get started for the week. Thus far, I've made the squash soup and the kale and cabbage salad-both delicious, and am roasting the chick peas now. I'll make the amaranth cookies tomorrow and then cook as the week progresses. It seems the prepared shopping list doesn't quite match the amounts needed in the recipes (e.g. even 2 small butternut squash were significantly more than 4 cups) so I am going to check the recipes before shopping next week. I was a bit surprised at the cost - a bit higher than I expected even though I had all non-fresh items on hand.

    I don't have a juicer so plan to do the smoothies. I'm also a vegetarian so will need to make adjustments for the meat and fish dishes next week. I also usually clear-liquid fast two days per week, but am unsure if that's a good thing to do when doing this detox--if anyone has any ideas on that--I'd love to hear them.

    I have been feeling really lethargic and tired the past months so really am hopeful this will be the jump-start needed to make lasting life and life-style changes.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  • I also got an early start on the challenge. Today is day 5 for me. Days 3 and 4 were the hardest (tired and cranky), but today I feel much better. The recipes have been surprisingly good. Especially the butternut squash soup and the kale slaw. The fruit and nut balls are tasty and have saved me during the first few days. So far I am sticking to the serving sizes in the magazine and having 2 snacks a day. I've been hungry alot but have tried to keep busy (all those Christmas decorations gotta come down right?). Good luck everybody.

  • Did better today and tracked the calories. At the end of the day, eating breakfast smoothie, soup at lunch, soup at dinner with three snacks, I was at about 1000 calories. Had the nuts as a snack so that was a big calorie hit. Hopefully when Lindsay starts tomorrow, she can clear up some of the confusion but I have lost 3 pounds in three days and feel better. Interestingly, I notice that once I eat, I don't get that same stale taste in my mouth that often means I will eat something else. Even without brushing my teeth, I feel "cleaner." The chickpeas have saved me as they give me that fake carbo crunch that I need.

  • I am excited and nervous about the challenge. Today, I purchased all the items that I will need for this week and cleared my fridge of anything that may present too much of a temptation. I have tomorrow off from work; I'm looking forward to cooking and am glad to have a day without distractions to ease into this. I hope that I can prep some of the items for the meals ahead (even as little as dicing onions or peppers) as my work week and studies keep my schedule full and preparing a nutritious meal is not always at the top of my list! Preparation and time management will be key factors to my success. Here's to all of our successes! :-)

  • Ive lost 6 pounds so far. Today is day 6 for me. I'm glad a new week is starting soon because I'm getting bored eating the same meals.

  • I'm apprehensive about starting my first detox but also excited about good health, I don't have my husbands support so smoothie's for breakfast he thinks is over the top, I usually eat whole oats and blueberries with almond milk! I'll be coming here often for your support, does anyone else have opposition from their family?

  • Thank you Kerrie for always inspiring me, getting all of my first weeks groceries and picking up the juicer. I aim to loose 7-10 pds of belly fat and and pick up some much needed energy. This is not my first cleanse although it has been a good many years and I am ready- set- go!, this is right on time just turned 45 -eeks.
    The best advice I can give you is when you are really hungry just sit still and pray or meditate, the "pangs" will soon pass! Eat and drink very- very slowly even though you are very-very hungry. Practice being grateful! Make it Great! Hugz!

  • For what it is worth, this is how I am starting the cleanse. I thought if I broke the week down a little I could handle it better, won't seem as overwhelming. Chocolatey goodness is my vice. I decided that I would pick two days a week to go to the grocery store. For me It is Saturday and Wednesday. Saturday I picked up the meals for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (Sunday will be included in that next week). I will eat basically the same things for those 3 days so Im not spending a lot on food (Picked two of each meal and snacks). On Wednesday, I will re-evaluate my menu and see what I want to change up and then buy the groceries for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Although I don't have opposition neccessarily from my family, I do have 3 kids under seven, that just won't eat ALL of the same stuff. Neither will my husband. It is a lot easier for me to look at doing it a few days at a time, than to think of it as a month long thing. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!
    On a side note, I tried making the dates, pistachio and coconut snack. It is good, but VERY sweet, so I would think of it as a "treat" snack.

  • Hey there,
    I'm really into this and have just printed out 4 weeks shopping lists.

    BUT my bachelorette is a beach weekend away Jan 14th. Should I just start this in Feb or just take a break that weekend? Will it be pointless? Maybe I could startover from week 1 after that weekend?
    Are there ANY foods you can eat at restaurants?? I know we'll be out.

  • Thank you Kristi so much for answering me and your wonderful advise. today for breakfast - I did just that - listened to my body and drank slllllooowww. This is funny and somewhat nerve racking untill I read Linda's post. Wonderful! We CAN DO THIS!!!

  • Thanks for all the feedback and comments everyone! This is my first cleanse and I just started today. Will be back to read other peoples' tips. My question is about what we *can* drink. Caffeine free green tea ok? I'm getting over a sinus infection and would like something warm. What else? Just water? Sorry if this was answered some place else, I'm looking at the site on my phone. Thank you!

  • Is anyone else's Husband on board for this at all?

  • Loving all the comments and questions. This is my first cleanse also. I have a 5 mile race on Saturday and exercise a few times a week. Should I wait to start the cleanse?

  • Just like others have mentioned, I would love to know if exercising is allowed, as well as green tea? Glad to know if I don't have a support system at home for this cleanse, I have one here. We can all do this together ladies! : )

  • Yes, my hubs is doing it with me! We did it last year, too, and it was great. Our biggest mistake then was lack of preparation. This time around, we pre-made snacks and as much other stuff (i.e. sauces) as possible. Made this morning super easy. Also, we started cutting out coffee last week, so that withdrawal wasn't as harsh as last year, either. :)

  • My husband is doing the cleanse with me....his chopping and help with prep work has made that job soooo much quicker.....so ladies even if hubbies aren't on board maybe you could sweet talk them into chopping....... I am drinking decaffe herbal tea, also having one or two ORGANIC decaf coffees. If sleeping is a problem because of hunger pains I will have a half cup of SUGAR free almond milk,,,,YUM

  • My husband is trying to be on board with me but he is really hungry... would love to know the daily caloric count for both women and men!

  • Today was my first day of the cleanse. I just got a juicer and the smoothies/juices have been delicious! My biggest complaint is headaches. I am guessing those are from the lack of caffeine and sugar. I love tea, but am wondering if there are any acceptable sweeteners that I can use? Stevia, agave, honey? Thanks and good luck to all!!!

  • My husband is definitely not on board, lol. I told him that he gets to eat like a bachelor for the next couple of weeks, as long as he doesn't bake brownies or cookies while I'm home. I wouldnt be able to control myself.

    I did ok today, really loved the smoothie with ginger. Had cabbage slaw for lunch and sweet potato/apple salad for dinner. I made the soup over the weekend and froze it for an easy lunch at work.

    I don't have a food processor so I can't make the fruit and nut balls, but I did roast some almonds and pecans and bought some dried apples, mangoes and raisins. I figure I'll just snack on them as needed. I also made the chick peas but they turned soggy on me by the following day. Same with the kale chips. I work long hours so I can't make snacks in the morning or afternoon. I'll bring a banana and apple to work with me I guess.

    Day 1 down, so far so good!

  • Kaylie -My hubby is hungry too, just made a 2nd batch of the roasted cauliflower.

    Tip make an olive oil with pepper flakes, roasted tomatoes, fresh herbs like thyme and/or rosemary, basil. Add cooked garlic slices in jar with 1-2 cups of Extra Virgin Olive Oil keep lid tight, date it and refridgerate. Discarding any un-used after 3 weeks according to the FDA as there are no real presertives in homemade infused oils.

  • Hi ladies I'm on day 7 and just wanted to offer support! It gets easier after a few days, your body adjusts and you do feel lighter añd for me, healthier. Just prepare food ahead of time for both meals and snacks, it really does make it easier to stay on plan.

  • On the Kale and Cabbage Salad, it states three cups of mixed kale and cabbage. This does not seem like much to me and really creates in my head a salad for one, but it says it serves 4 and to add 1/4 cup dressing. if I add that much, it would drown it. What am I doing wrong?

  • My fiancé and I are doing this together and I have to say it would be really difficult without her! Knowing that I have someone to cook/prepare these meals with is exciting and is already helping me stick to the plan. We actually fixed up some things for the next few days so that when we are tired and hungry we won't be tempted to go for the quick fix of cereal in the morning or pizza at night (a household favorite). So far we have done the ginger root, carrot and grapefruit drink (surprisingly half decent), butternut squash and apple soup (very yummy), and steamed broccoli and squash with tahini dressing (I had seconds of this one!). I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning for my mixed berry smoothie! I reallllllllly miss my red bull though :)

  • I had the Roasted Peppers, Cauliflower and Almonds tonight. Really good! I did Manzanilla Olives instead of Kalamata (because I'm not a fan) and it honestly was so tasty. I also did the Avocado recipe for Lunch and that was good too (I love Avocados though). I have had a mild headache all day, but I have tons of energy, we will see how this changes over the next few days :) . This afternoon I was ready to give up, but now I find myself at the end of the night and I made it through day one.

  • hello all!
    I wanted to comment about the calorie intake as many people seem to want to know how much they 'should' be eating. (And this ain't mah first rodeo. Or cleanse.)

    But this isn't a diet, it's a cleanse. It's not about losing weight (although that happens to many people simply because being full of vegetables means you've ingested fewer calories than being full of donuts), it's about giving your body a break from all the normal, junky stuff we eat, and supporting it with simple, healthy, easy-to-digest foods.

    And as we're all of different ages, genders, activity levels, BMIs, etc we will have different caloric needs!

    But please don't let yourself starve! Your body is healing during the cleanse and putting it in starvation mode will not help at all! A little hungry, i.e. mostly full, is fine for some people, but if you're thinking, "I could eat my pencil!" then eat that snack and don't look back!

    If you pull out your tasty, healthy snack and a little voice says "but I really wanted a KitKat bar" well, that's a clue that what you're feeling may be a bit more …psychological. And then you have 3 choices: 1. eat a KitKat and say "well, I still love myself" and move on. 2. eat the healthy snack resentfully and think "well, I still love myself" and move on. Or 3. say to that voice "this isn't what I *think* I'm craving, but it's very good for me right now - and I still love myself" and eat the healthy snack and move on!

    The first week will be about recalibrating your 'full' and 'hungry' meters, which is all about eating slowing and without distractions. (Really? During the first week when I'm cranky and learning new recipes and suddenly back to work? Yes, I know. I'm right there with you!)

    Hang in there! Better to eat "too much" butternut squash soup, then be miserable and find yourself 'taking care of' a pint of Ben and Jerry's!

  • still very curious about the green tea. any word? it is my MAIN craving!!

  • Good Day everybody!! Here goes day two - all was really well on Day 1, thanks to the Godparents for keeping littliest one! Established a new healthy relationship with my kitchen yesterday. Weirdest thing this morning, woke up with bloodshot eyes and they burned! It was like they'd been up all night partying (don't pretend like you don't know what I'm taking about) giggle...giggle...so I did the stretches and viola, much better. Weird huh...PS the cucumber,brocolli,celery and parsley breakfast is not the tastiest...any suggestions on how to make that yummier?

  • To Lyndsay about the Green Tea.....The detox 'creed' of sorts says no gluten, sugar, dairy, caffein, or processed foods. So I';m taking that to mean if the green tea is decaffe then drink it. The more antioxidants you ingest the better the cleanse !! As long as it is not a green tea chai with added ingred. I am drinking a lot of decaf herbal teas, also organic decaffe coffee. and to Kerrie I think if you don't like the cucumber brocolli drink....pick another green drink. the green smoothee for week one is delicious. P.S. broccolli juiced is not real delish.....so eat your broccoli instead..... Thanks for all of the great tips from all.

  • Just a quick heads up that even decaf coffee/tea has a small amount of caffeine. Although the instructions say no caffeine whatsoever, I've made the personal decision to allow myself a cup of decaf tea if my body is screaming for it. I had decaf yesterday, today I've gone without any and trying to see if I can make it. I do have a slight headache, but hoping it doesn't turn into a migraine.

  • I am so happy to hear other spouses are on board!! This is not an easy thing to do and having my Steve go through the first week is an awesome thing! (that is all he has committed to for now). I fixed a large batch of the nut and fruit mix to help keep him satisfied. I don't think 2 cups is to much for a man his size and weight. He is worried about what's for dinner...

    I say ditto on the Green Tea and Herbals, nothing but good stuff!

    When is our Lady coming back to assist us all??


  • Today is my Day 1 and I'm so thankful for all your comments already. I love a smoothie in the morning becasue I sip it slow and it lasts! It will be 3pm when I want the chocolate fix so I'm prepared with the amaranth cookies. I bought enough kale to try out the kale chips, too. My husband is doing this with me but he hates nuts so I'm not sure that this will give him enough protein this first week. Anyone else with nut allergies?

  • Great work everyone!!
    I had asked about the tea, then I realized that this is MY cleanse, MY Detox and MY choice. We can all make what we need and want out of this experience. For example, if you were previously drinking 4 cups of coffee a day, cutting back to just one is a HUGE step.
    We should all be congratulating ourselves for even trying this. If we set ourselves up for success, we can not fail!
    Make your goals about YOU and YOUR body, not someone else. I'm taking most of this as a guideline and making it mine. Good luck!

  • I noticed that some of the snacks have ingredients that we are not supposed to eat until week 2. Is that common knowledge? I was going to make the any-bean-dip but i realized that beans aren't allowed until next week. (i'm on day 2 today).
    Am i crazy? Does it say somewhere which snacks we are allowed during which weeks?


  • My Steve is eating the bean dip today but I think he needs it. Just listen to your body and I think I hear it from here saying no no :-)

  • I thought the same thing about the snacks and just decided to go with it! Miss Jen A. and Miss Christine are right - lets listen to our bodies and do what is right for our own soul...we are doing awesome - they didn't give us the rules, so we could roam and really get in touch with our own voice....just my thoughts.

  • Author Comment:

    Hi detoxers! A blog post just went up that should answer some of your questions about tea, snacks, and meals: http://wholelivingdaily.wholeliving.com/2012/01/your-2012-action-plan-burning-questions-answered.html. Also, we made the mistake of including the Any-Bean Dip, Amaranth Clusters, and Roasted Chickpeas in the snack gallery for week 1. As some of you have pointed out, these ingredients are not allowed in week 1. If you made them, don't worry! They're still detox-friendly, but try to stick to the allowed ingredients for the rest of the cleanse. So sorry about that!

  • I am on day two. Wow, I feel lethargic and have a headache. Luckily I read this is to be expected. I don't have a juicer, so I bought organic carrot juice and blended it with the grapefruit. Not good. Too chunky. Instead, today I just drank the carrot juice and ate the grapefruit, soon followed by the squash soup. I am hungry!! Yet, I feel lethargic. Hard to prepare food when feeling this way. I am cutting out all caffeine just because I know it's taxing on the system and it's an addiction, but that is probably where my headache is coming from. Ugh. I LOVE kale chips to that will be my next snack before lunch. I made the cauliflower florets last night and they really filled me up! I'm not craving anything yet, but just wanting not to be thinking about food all day. I am not trying to lose weight so I like the idea of just doing the cleanse without worrying about calories. I know I will lose weight anyway. Happy to have found this blog!

  • Day 2: I feel much better than yesterday! I got up early this morning and did some yoga before I headed out to work. I am very proud of myself for that. I've been surprised that I haven't been that hungry. I'm actually learning to enjoy my tea without sweeteners, which is a big step also. The down side of my day is that everyone ordered in pizza at work for lunch and my husband and daughter had pizza for dinner when I got home too! It was tough, but I didn't give in :-) Good luck and stay strong!

  • Way to go, Alicia. It has been hard and temptations are every where. My son had a party this weekend on Day 4 for me and I helped them bake cookies. I didn't even lick my fingers! Amazing, but every one of those wins helps motivate me more. And I appreciate your comments, Jan A. about it is our unique cleanse. I think I get so focused on the rules that I forget to listen to my own inner voices and the point is to relearn bad habits, including not listening to your instincts!

  • I really love having this blog to go to for support. Thank you everyone. I too made a bunch of lunches and snacks ahead of time which makes it easier to stick to the plan. I also prep the stuff for my juices the night before so they are ready to go. I love the grapefruit, carrot, ginger juice. I am trying the broccoli, cucumber, parsley, celery one tomorrow. The nut balls, cauliflower and stuffed dates are all very yummy snacks. I made the Minty pea dip for tomorrow. The broccoli, squash, tahini was yummy, even my husband liked it, but we added sausage for him as he is half on board with this plan. he cannot fully commit until after Superbowl.... Anyway, keep up the good work everyone. I think it is best to avoid tea even with natural caffeine as tough as it will be. Off to bed so mI don't have to think about food anymore tonight.

  • Day 2 for me. I feel really good and feel happy too. I had a headache last night and I'm hoping the amaranth cookies I made will freeze well in light of the "not on week 1 menu" news. The blender broke this morning and I was in such a great mood I simply said to myself that the snack will be breakfast and my smoothie with be snack. I'm excited to get a new blender/juicer (yay!). Many temptations for me yesterday but I stuck it out!!!

  • On Day 4. Prepped ahead and doing great. I got through the burning bloodshot eyes and headaches. I love the recipes and have not been too hungry. That helps me feel like I can do this beyond the 21 days. The normal things that take me off track are starting to happen again...kids, grandkids, stress, life etc. but I am determined to put my health first for a change. Affirmation for today: I am HOPEFUL and COMMITTED.

  • My sister and I started this 21Day Plan Jan 2nd. It is the first time we have done anything like this and we LOVE it! I just turned 59, so old dogs can learn new tricks. We had a blast shopping 45 min away and preparing all our meals 1 day/week. We want to start the whole thing over again in Feb. We never felt any cravings and felt great after a few days into the detox. When we cheated, and it wasn't but a couple of times, we paid for it the next day. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for putting this all together for first-timers like us!

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