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2012 Action Plan: Halfway to the Week 1 Finish Line!

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Hi all,

Well, we are at the end of another day of the cleanse. I hope you're all doing OK because it's pretty difficult over here in the Whole Living office. As I write this, a trio of staffers are debating which foods they miss most (cheese! pasta! red meat!) and making tentative plans to visit a favorite barbecue joint as our reward. Call it getting ahead of ourselves, but we're feeling a little groggy as this day winds down.

The good news is that I'm feeling less sluggish than I did yesterday, but my head still hurts. Oomph.

Fellow Whole Living cleansers and I have been eating together all day, from a Green Machine Smoothie this morning to Minty Pea Dip for a snack to Spiced Butternut Squash and Apple Soup for lunch to a Grapefruit, Carrot, and Ginger Juice as a snack (below!).

The delicious Grapefruit, Carrot, and Ginger Juice

As a result, we're all undergoing the same ups and downs--at the same time. Like clockwork at 3 p.m. today, a group of us slowly started hovering around our communal table, now serving as the hunger hub, with piles of carrots, mangoes, beets, celery, bananas, and nuts.

We've now implemented a mandatory mid-afternoon juice to help wake us up. (Because carrots and coffee serve the same purpose, right? Right.) But even after an energy jolt from the juice, I still feel a little foggy and light-headed. Perhaps from such a low caloric intake? Some staffers and I just tallied up my calories for today, and it's definitely far fewer than I usually eat.

What's interesting though is that I fell full. Couldn't be fuller really. All the fibrous fruits and vegetables are giving me some bloat. But I think my brain recognizes the limited calories and foods entering my body and it is not happy. On the bright side, I do think I'm heading over the hump and am looking forward to see what tomorrow brings.

How are all of you doing?

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  • Only on day 2 but feeling great! So far all the recipes have been fantastic :) I did a mini cleanse a few months ago, so I'm wondering if that's why my body is dealing with this one so well. The only issue I've had is a little bit of bloating yesterday.

  • Day 3 for me and I am much better than the two previous. I spent most of my day on Monday prepping all my fruits & veggies and making several of the suggested snacks. This has made it easy to keep my face out of the potato chip bag! I am also taking vitamins which I feel is helping tremendously.

  • Day 4 here. My Husband and I are cleansing together and he is definitely loosing more pounds quicker than me, but that's how it goes I guess. I have never really done anything like this before (excpet for an elimination diet 10 years ago). I usually eat whatever I like, which usually means too much sugar. That's why I wanted to do this- to curb my sweet tooth.

    I actually have been feeling great. A little tired and light headed occasionally, but it passes with a snack. I think the hardest part has been the food prep! I am not usually one to spend hours in the kitchen- super busy life and 3 kids, but I have spend 2 full days in the kitchen surrounded by a food processor, a juicer, a blender and a collection of recipes that I am trying to tackle 3 at a time. UGH!! Hope we can keep it up for the whole cleanse.

    Favorite recipes: Pistachio stuffed dates (YUM! #1 fave!), grapefruit/carrot/ginger juice and butternut squash soup!

  • Day 4. Doing very well. I'm not having bad headache or leg cramps as everyone else has been. Loved the beet soup, apple salad. Been learning a lot with my food processor. The green smoothie had been tough to get down, it taste like apple juice when I close my eyes. I think its just the texture. I bought frozen berries today to make for tomorrow. Already down 4 pounds and feel much lighter. Not much BM's last 3 days (especially with all this fiber), but today has changed that.....Also date/pistachio snack was fantastic, feels like cheating!

  • I am on day 4 and glad to hear I have the same symptoms as the 'pros' :) today I ate some of the leftover kale slaw for lunch however caved for dinner and had tofu with broccoli. I agree I am not hungry but my body is mad at me!! I went to my regular yoga class this week and am actually sore!

  • This morning I wasn't feeling very well, headache and no energy. I made the mango carrot orange smoothie (online recipe). I laid on the couch and drank it. I did not feel much better after the smoothie so then I ate one of the dried fruit and nut bites, took some Advil and drank a glass of water. That got rid of the headache. Felt fantastic for the rest of the day. Had the butternut squash soup for lunch and roasted cauliflower and peppers for dinner. Loved the recipe! Ready for day 4 and already thinking of how I am going to handle the weekend. As we are going out Saturday night to a movie and dinner.

  • I made the broccoli squash dish and I wasn't too thrilled. Maybe it was the Tahini. Mine was homemade tahini and I had made it in the summer so maybe it was old but I didn't really care for it. The kale slaw I used swiss chard and really liked it. I'm also going thru craving withdraws right now and feel tired.

  • Started early so finishing day 6! Feeling great just hungry at times but I think it's more in my head than stomach. Hubby is joining me and doing well but I'm giving him heartier portions. Recipies have all been great except the green machine was a bit to veggie for me. As I look ahead I have a question...

    Would there be an major issue substituting a real egg for the tofu scrambles? I don't digest tofu well.

  • soooo glad I read this! Day 4 for me too! Headache, bloated. I didnt have a bm yesterday but had one today and it was let's just say, not easy. I drink plenty of water so I know that's not it (usually 1 gallon). I guess I'm hanging in like everyone else. I'm foggy too. BTW I thought it was me :) . Here's to a better day 5!

  • Is anyone else not sleeping very well? By the way, this picture of the office makes me jealous. I am in this alone and I would love to have help making these recipes. Not to mention having everyone at work on the same boat!

  • Also, has anyone else gotten an itchy
    face??? Very weird.

  • Hello everyone!

    My family has been cleansing with me and we just finished day 4. I don't think we are bloated, just hungry at times; We are craving caffeine big time!
    My kids (ages 12 & 21) actually are loving the recipes. Its so encouraging to see all the posts, knowing we are not alone.

  • Successfully at the end of day 4. Oddly I haven't had a headache, body aches, or tiredness yet - actually a major increase in energy. Maybe my body doesn't like something that I have eliminated? I've loved all of the recipes I've tried so far, but the butternut squash soup and the avocado salad were AWESOME. Also love the fruit & nut bites and pistachio stuffed dates. Least favorite was the broccoli and squash dinner (something just didn't seem to be quite right with the sauce??), but it was very filling. Good luck staying strong over the weekend, everyone!

  • It is great to hear about how others are doing on this plan! My husband (basically Mr. Hamburger) joined me for the challenge and more or less has been enjoying the different "side-dishes" (i.e. no meat) on the plan. We both had headaches the first 3 days but were okay today. I have been drinking herbal tea along with water all day because I miss my coffee and the hot drink seems to help with the cravings. Today I think I have more energy, but I had trouble falling asleep last night too like someone else mentioned. I realize I'm not nearly as in tune to my body's relationship with food as I could be. I second the good luck to staying strong over the weekend!

  • Day 3: I am identifying with the fact that I typically eat when I am not hungry(pre-detox). I don't think it's emotional eating, so I am not sure why. I want to break that cycle, but I'm not sure how. Any thoughts on why we eat when we aren't hungry other than emotional eating?

  • Why are my legs cramping? Is anyone else having this issue?

  • Day 4 for me! Went back to work today and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I am having leg cramps also. It got so bad I had to take a Tylenol. I thought it was from my massage on Monday but I guess not! Loving all the receipes! My favorite is the Avocado Salad! Yummo!

  • End of Day 4 for me and the headache situation was much more manageable today. I have lost 2 ponds, but do not yet feel lighter, just a bit foggier. Not hungry though and am really loving the recipes. I am jot usually a fan of red peppers or olives, but the cauliflower dish is fantastic and all the ingredients go so well together.
    I too am nervous about the weekend. My mother is in town and we were supposed to have a family dinner out at a nice restaurant. I convinced everyone to come to my house instead so I can eat my cauliflower while they order Chinese food. I think that will be less tempting as inam such a foodie and love going out to dinner.
    I am also forgoing a BBQ at a friends on Sunday for the Steelers game since I will be too tempted to drink and eat the pumpkin chilinthey are making, but I told my husband he was free to still go. He is not loving this cleanse....although in caught him sneaking a fruit/nut bite...
    I have no cramps, but this cough is getting really bad. I am wondering if it is just detox or if I am getting sick....

  • Day 4 for me. So far, so good! The mornings are most difficult, as I wake up weak and in desperate need of my sweet, creamy coffee. So that makes me weak, desperate, and sad. Ugh.

    Re: tahini recipe - I think you have to add more salt! It makes a huge difference in the taste. I actually like it a lot.

    Good luck this weekend, everyone! My family likes to eat out, so I'm up for a real challenge :) Trying to think of something at our fav sushi bar that I can eat. Any thoughts?

  • Day 5 commencing...starting it off with carrot/ginger/grapefruit juice; lunch will be avocado salad; snacks are fruit & nut clusters, black bean dip (added lime and cilantro to the 'any bean dip' recipe for a killer dip!), pistacho-stuffed dates. All the recipes have been awesome so far! I'm doing the challenge with my roommate and we are both loving it. I bought a juicer and it has been getting some good use! I got over the detox hump on day 3 (though I thought it would take a lot longer). However, if I had a box of Cheez-Its here in front of me I cannot say that I would resist shoving a fistful of them in my face :)

    Keep it up, y'all!!

  • Made it to 4PM on Day 3 (yesterday) then called it quits.

    TMI Alert:
    Finally had a BM which was accompanied by hemorrhoids. No fun. That, coupled with feeling very virtuous for spending most of the day canning tomoatoes (Florida) sent me straight to a glass of wine and some cheese. I called my husband to reveal my temptation and so he could talk me off the ledge, as it were. He laughed and told me to jump.

    I tried. I failed. And I'm back to my philosophy of eating only real food, and that all real food is good (really good).

    Good news is I have so much produce I don't even have to go to the GreenMarket tomorrow.

    Good luck! Carry on!

  • I too am having trouble falling asleep/staying asleep. Then I am constantly tired throughout the day. I MISS COFFEE SOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glad to hear (well, not glad per say) that other people are still experiencing headaches. This morning i'm quite sluggish with a headache, but I didn't get enough sleep - 6.5 hours.

    I'm looking forward to a weekend with no plans, where I can made some of next week's meals and get proper - early - rest. I feel like I have slimmed down a little, but mostly because I have a better "clean" feeling overall. Knowing I haven't eaten any processed food or dairy, etc. this week, sure does feel good! I hope after the 28 days that I can continue these healthy eating habits and avoid the bad stuff!

  • Day 5 for us and feeling very sick and discouraged. I don't know what to do. My fiancé that has been doing the detox with me (who I am doing this detox for to support in the first place) is convinced that moving on to week 2 & 3 recipes is perfectly fine, though it states clearly not to skip ahead because they are put in order for a reason. She got this idea from reading other comments on this blog and said, well other people are doing it... Am I being too rigid? Is it not really that big of a deal because she said her body needs protein? Is there an alternative for high protein that would keep us on week 1 and therefore on track? Help.

  • Sharing some POSITIVE news, which it looks like we need a little more of on this message board!

    I've been very public about doing my cleanse, and it seems to have paid off! My co-workers have brought me week 1-friendly snacks, and one of them is bringing his juicer in so we can all use it today! Plus, a couple work friends have been taking lunchtime walks with me.

    I had bad headaches in the beginning, and I still have cravings, but I just keep reminding myself why I'm doing this in the first place. I thought I heard my liver whisper "thanks" yesterday! :) Kudos to those of you who have been able to make it through the hardest part without cheating or giving up! You can do it!

  • Day 5 here. I'm still not sleeping well. And missing caffeine. Also (TMI) - but what others are saying about no BMs...yep, me, too. Other than that, I'm feeling great.

    I'm also hoping that Week 2 will help some of the challenges I'm facing. Because the weekend before Chinese New Year is at the end of the cleanse, we're starting week 2 a day early (in order to start week 3 early and be finished 2 days early). Plus - we're ready for "real food".We took a sneak peek at the week 2 recipes and were pretty excited about it. I'm missing grains like crazy (there wasn't one soup that wouldn't have been improved with a piece of crusty bread this week), but I'll keep working at it.

    My fiance and I will be "cheating" a bit tonight, though - both of us are just so over salads and pureed soups, so we're going to make a vegan mushroom soup that has a little bit of potato in it. And we're trying to figure out what to do this weekend, since the usual trip to the diner and chilling around the house will not be happening.

  • So this is Day 5.. At about Day 2 I started feeling ill. I don't know if I'm actually sick or if I have "detox" flu. But yeah, basically it feels like I have the flu. Runny nose with congestion/stuffy head, chills, headache, fever.. If I'm not better by tomorrow I'm getting some chicken soup in me.
    On the upside I haven't really felt very hungry, though it's hard for me not to want to constantly nibble on things. The juices are great. I wish there were more dinners. I roasted a sweet potato last night instead of beet soup.

  • Regarding leg cramps - as others have noted, my legs started cramping up this morning, and that never happens to me. I took my regular vitamins (which I gave up during the cleanse) and my legs are better already. Are we lacking potassium or some other essential?

  • Day 5 for me and very tired/light headed when I woke up this morning....not sleeping 4 nights in a row will kick your bootie. However, on a good note, down 5 pounds/2.28kg. Planning and plotting the weekend. Instead of going out for dinner/drinks with friends, we are going to mall. Invited to party Sunday and hostess knows that I am doing challenge.....I will be brave. Good luck to everyone on this wonderful, amazing journey.

    p.s. cramping is usually an indication that your body needs potasium.

  • Day 3 and it is still a challenge for me! Mornings are best, which is unusual since a) I am a coffee addict and b) I am not a morning person!

    But I wake up feeling refreshed and energetic, which I take is a very good sign!

    first two days I barely had energy to make the recipes - I was lucky school is on break so I can stay home and rest. tried the butternut squash soup, which I love, and tried to make the Kale slaw; however, since I felt so weak decided to steam the veggies instead. Turned out fantastic!

    I find that the afternoons are hardes for me. I took a walk to the grocery store yesterday and had to sitdown and rest before I continued my walk! The fogginess and fatigue are still there. Yesterday was worse - I think because of caffeeine withdrawls I suffered a terrible migraine headache, and even threw up a little. I slept it off and feel better though.

    This morning I had the grapefruit ginger carrot juice followed by steamed kale and red cabbage and roast sesame seeds and walnuts. I topped it with the slaw dressing and it was good and filling!

    I hope this morning feel good energy will stay until the end of the day! :&

    Good luck everyone, esp during the weekend!!

  • Also I think I made a mistake and ate a little bit of polenta and mushroom yesterday...Since I could not cook, and there is a raw food restaurant close by I went there, assuming the dish was ok, but I think the Polenta might be too processed :( Oh Well, an extra juice to cleanse I guess :%

  • Author Comment:

    Hi cleansers!
    Thanks for everyone posting how they're feeling. It's such a helpful reminder that this is not an easy feat--it's tough! I also have had trouble falling asleep at night and then this morning did not want to get out of bed, especially knowing that I wouldn't be able to break out the French press.
    For everyone going through severe detox symptoms, I am going to get in touch with someone from our advisory board with some of your questions, but know that detox symptoms are normal as your body brings itself into balance.
    As for protein (and the lack of it) this week: We're really cutting back to give the digestive system a rest. It has to work hard to break down proteins, whereas nutritious fruits and vegetables are gentle on the body. I suggest to power through it, but if you really need more oomph, bring in beans and lentils. That said, days 5, 6, and 7 are when you should really start feeling improved, so if you're still feeling crummy, remember that after a week your body will thank you!

  • Day 5 High Noon in Wyoming
    Steve and I are doing much better today!! As I've He has added beans to lunch or I really don't think he would have made it this far.
    Finially the headache is gone!
    Legs -last night was the worst, I am so used to taking IB Pro's for every lil ache and need to break free of those so I ate a cup of nuts and soaked in the tub again. Today hardly any pain but foggy headed like I just woke.
    2nd smoothie today (banana, pineapple, apple, orange) this AM which was BETTER than GREAT :)
    Lunch treated my self to a large RazBerry Delight from Juicy Juice YUM and some L/O Tahini Salad.

    What the thoughts on having Salmon tonight? I read where more recipes have been approved for week 1. Thinking half portion of what we would normally consume.

    Don't be a Quitter! If you are working out I think you must increase you nuts or add a little bean- that would be better than giving up!

  • Day 5 - mid-morning today, I experienced real hunger for the first time, so I added some almonds to my fruit snack and drank 2 cups of water. That kept me going until butternut squash soup at lunch.

    I've been feeling for months that something in my diet wasn't digesting properly. So when I opened up my Whole Living magazine and saw this detox, it seemed like the perfect way to pinpoint the problem.

    I feel the best (besides the bloating!!) that I've felt in a year. I had been drinking coffee daily for >30 years and was very scared about removing that from my daily routine. Besides a bit of fuzziness, it has been no problem. Go figure!

    I've found that the chickpea snack around 4:00 is a lifesaver, with an energy boost that gets me through the kitchen antics required to make supper.

    Loving it!!

  • So far so good...

    -Day 1- slight headache towards dinnertime, but that went away once I ate. I've gotten hunger headaches in the past if I wait too long to eat...
    -Day 2- a dull headache all day (and it's not from lack of caffeine b/c I don't drink coffee anyway) and horrible body aches at night (as if I was coming down with a fever). Went to bed two hours early...
    -Day 3- Woke up feeling great. Felt fine all day.
    -Day 4- Fine all day- went to dinner with friends to an asian restaurant where I got a mesclun & watercress salad with a whole avocado and ginger dressing. not bad!
    -Today, Day 5- feeling fine so far. Going to dinner tonight again with friends and recommended a sushi place so I can get a simple salad.

    I'm realllly excited for week 2 so that I can add in beans (one of my fave foods!) fish & tofu. I think the protein will make me feel even better.

    Stay strong everyone!

  • Really, really love this cleanse and all the recipes you have put together for us. They are fantastic. I have been on an anti-candida diet (no sugar, yeast, gluten and many other things) since April, so this has not been hard for me. I thought I would do the cleanse to promote even better liver health. Thanks so much for all the help and support in this effort.

  • Halfway through Day 5 and I feel great! I am still drinking my cup of coffee, and I cheated on Day 3 and had a boiled egg, but I'm still so pleased that I've been able to keep this detox up! I was a bit gassy yesterday (from too much cabbage, I think), but other than that, I seem to be doing great, digestive-wise. I've been doing the stretches, and I don't know if they help, but they are relaxing. Keep going, everyone! Here's to better health for all of us!

  • Day 11 and I made the any bean dip. Really good! So far I have enjoyed all of the recipes and have lost 8 pounds.

  • Day 5: I had to modify the cleanse for my husband and he gets salmon or black beans to help keep him going. I went back to last year's cleanse for him. As for me, I am hanging in there but would love to have an egg, beans or fish. Today was the first day that I started to lose concentration at work and wolfed down a banana before a meeting so that I could be coherent. I get more than the daily requirement for fruits and vegetables without the cleanse but am feeling that I need protein and the nuts and seeds are not doing it for me. Since we are permitted to have chickpeas and other beans in our snacks why not with a meal?

  • Day 5 for me and it's the first day I have felt light although still experiencing bloating like everyone else. I hope I can stay strong for the weekend since that's when I usually derail and I have a work dinner tomorrow night. Can't wait to have some protein. I sure do miss my cheese!!! Tmi... My bm's have been regular which I am actually surprised about.

  • Day 4: Lots of energy in the am despite not having any coffee. I weened myself off a few weeks in advance by switching to tea and now just drinking herbal tea. Green Machine Smoothie in the am with an added banana really hits the spot and keeps me going until lunch. I did have a crash this afternoon, felt very foggy and slightly achy. Really craving more protein, so I have been eating more seeds/nuts than I should. Wish me luck this weekend at my best friend's baby shower (does it count if I just lick the cake).

  • OK, so I am on Day 5, and have just had some time to read through some of these posts and have gotten confused along the way. I have to say, first of all, loving the cleanse, and some of the recipes are really fantastic. I am VERY pleased to have found a way to enjoy cauliflower! A major breakthrough! I am also really LOVING the breakfast juices. I get so much energy from them! Now, on the negative parts of the program. 1) Not enough recipes/options. I do not like to repeat meals in a week, so I need 7 breakfasts, lunches & dinners in a weeks plan. 2) CLARITY! There has been quite a bit of confusion about what we can/can not eat. In the Foods To Include List for Week One, beans and rice were on the include list, and there were beans listed for snacks, but I am reading now that beans are not allowed, so I am confused there, and would like more clarification. How can beans be harder to digest than nuts? If beans are not allowed, I narrowly escaped a flub today! 3) Really pertains to both 1 & 2 combined. We need a correct list of acceptable foods so that we can substitute for meals that we may not like from the plan. Without clarity, one cannot substitute with confidence. For instance, there are only 3 dinners, so I made a quinoa salad from last years plan, I know quinoa is a seed, not a grain, but now I'm no longer certain it would be acceptable, since it isn't a fruit, nut or vegetable? If there are updated guidelines, please remind everyone where they are so we can all get on the same page! Thanks. BTW - normally eat pretty healthy and homemade, so few symptoms, but really craving some heavy duty protein! Also, I don't like fish and don't eat tofu, so can I sub chicken for week 2?

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Natalie,
    Glad to hear that you're enjoying the recipes! Sorry that there has been confusion with what you can and cannot eat. On this first web page on how the challenge works we have info on what ingredients are allowed: http://www.wholeliving.com/153124/how-2012-challenge-works/@center/152870/2012-whole-living-action-plan
    Hope this helps!

  • End of day 5 and feeling great! Loved, loved the cauliflower, almond, kalamata olive dish! Wanted more.
    The lemon juice and toasted walnuts (replacement) were soooo satisfying!

    I ate the beet soup last night and it was the first time I had bloating and gas. Probably won't eat that again as nothing else is causing me to have any gas or bloating.

    Sleeping is funky, waking up in the wee hours of the night. Luckily on vacation so not a problem.

    Going to a birthday party on Monday night. No cake or wine. :( However, the hostess is going to make me something from the menu that I can eat for dinner!

    Looking so forward to new menus on Monday!

  • End of day 5 for me. I have lost 4 lbs. I feel great in the A.M., but by afternoon I get foggy. I'm finding that I feel a little nauseated and that even though the foods are beautiful and good, I don't crave them at all anymore. I am finding I have no appetite and I have to force myself to eat. Here is a question for anyone. I get that really fuzzy feeling, like when you are really tired at night and my heart almost seems like it palpitates a little. Not sure why that is. Only has been doing it the last few days. Anyone else have an idea?

  • I also wanted to add I found a couple of things on the internet about my heart palpitations:

    1. This is caused by toxins that are stored in your body fat and that are now entering your blood stream to be processed. Not much that can be done about this, it normally goes away after a week or so.
    2. A Candida die off, in where a ton of toxins are indeed released in your blood stream.
    Ever heard of this???

  • I'm ending day 6 of the cleanse and am looking forward to adding fish into my diet. I almost quit during day 3 and 4, but kept going and am happy that I continued. I did not have severe headaches and leg cramps, but I did have a dull ache in my head, fatigue (especially in the late afternoon), shooting calf cramps and aches and pains. I am feeling more energized and very proud. The most interesting thing that I found was that my 5 year old knee surgery is inflamed and very sore. After some research, I found that this is my body healing itself. Normally my body is digesting and much of the energy is focused on that. This digestion break is allowing my body to heal old injuries and clean out all the nasty stuff in my body. I can't wait to do another cleanse to continue working on my body some more, since i will soon be adding protein and my body will need to focus on digestion a bit more and will be ignoring my old injuries.
    I found that bananas and some sort of nut butter added to fruit smoothies helped me get through the tough times.
    Good Luck everyone and thanks for starting my year out right Whole Living.

  • @Jessica: I've been wondering what I'm going to do when I get into the real world… I've been home almost the whole first week and I've pretty much been hiding! I live of fear of a party or invitation out to dinner! Also GO STEELERS!!!!

  • Hi everyone! I'm writing you from Colombia, and I'm starting day 6 today. I had some detox symptoms earlier this week, specially a very bad headache on tuesday and some bloating. Other than that, the main symptom I've been having is that I'm sleepy all the time! Although I've had good night sleep, it's very difficult to get up in the morning and at night I feel I need a lot of energy to keep my eyes open!!
    I'm worried that I have maybe eaten too much nuts to fulfill my cravings.... However I'm feeling great, I actually feel my skin smoother and not as dry as has usually been.
    I'm missing cheese and dairy the most, but I'm also looking forward to start week 2 !!! Good luck this weekend everyone!!!

  • I've been looking over the week 2 recipes and was wondering if I can continue juicing for breakfast and then incorporate the usual week 2 breakfast recipes into my other daily meals? It just seems weird to have soup and baked sweet potatoes for breakfast. Plus I am LOVING the juices!!! :-)

    I'm on day 6 now and feeling awesome! I have so much energy, it's unreal. I've really enjoyed the week 1 recipes and hope next week's turn out just as good. The cauliflower dish was my dinner last nigh and was delicious. I will probably carry over some of the lunch salads to week 2 also. I still have dips in my energy levels but they are getting less frequent and much less severe. Thank you so much Whole Living for this experience. Congratulations to everyone who has made it this far and good luck the rest of the way! I think the hardest part is over :-)

  • Day 6: This is my third year to do the cleanse and if it is any consolation to those who are giving up caffeine for the first time, it gets easier every year. Each year, the cleanse has taught me that I could live without something I thought I could'nt. The cleanse gave me healthy alternatives that have proved to satiate the need. For example, I was a strong coffee drinker until I got used to a Green Tea Recipe with Apples, Cinnamon and Nutmeg that I got off the Whole Living website. Now I make a pot of it in the morning and sip it all day long. I add hot apple cider to it to round it out a bit.

    Maybe the editors of Whole Living will disagree with me on including the green tea in the first week of the cleanse, but I find that the apple (especially the skin) makes me less hungry, the slight caffeine gives me the lift I need and the nutmeg and cinnamon keeps my immune system up and running properly through this difficult task of doing without so many things your body "thinks" it needs.

    Speaking of things you shouldn't eat the first week...I have been eating beans (garbanzo and black eyed peas) all week. I found after the first day that I was so weak and dizzy that I needed more protein (this has happened in years past and I was told by the Whole Living Experts to add the protein in...it has made a world of difference in being able to continue the cleanse till the end. The first year I did the detox without protein, I lasted three days, the next year with nuts and beans in the first week, I was able to complete the detox. So all this to say, "cheating" seems to me things like coffee, chocolate, processed sugar, etc...it doesn't seem like you can "cheat" eating broccoli with tofu.

    My advise to those feeling guilt for eating tofu is: don't be so hard on yourself...if you need something eat it, that is if it is a healthy option.

    It is my nature to feel I am not a success at this unless I do it by the book,but all our bodies are different and as you get more experienced doing this Detox, I think you will learn you have to listen to your body's needs as well.

    Would love any comments back.

  • @Lissa- I totally agree. The thing is, most of us are eating much healthier anyways. I believe that the first three or four days it was okay not eating as much protein but after that I could not take it. I know this is way to much info but before this cleanse, I was not very regular. I would feel I needed to go everyday but it was horrible... anyways.. now I feel very regular and healthy and energetic. Yesterday I cheated and had wheat and cheese (wops). I am not going to get down on myself because I still have two weeks to try to get them out of my system. Plus, I learned from it! As soon as I ate those things my stomach went back to feeling crampy and heavy. Every"body" is different and reacts differently. Without protein, my blood sugar feels unregulated and extremely low, others do just fine without it. I am very proud of all of us simply for attempting to create healthier food choices and learning about our bodies!

  • Hi, fellow cleansers,

    My husband has joined me so far in doing this cleanse, which is a mini-miracle in itself. But, because he writes a humor column for our local paper, he couldn't resist making the cleanse his subject this week. Thought you might enjoy (you'll see that his idea of feeling energized is slightly different than what the rest of us probably have in mind): http://www.aspentimes.com/article/20120106/COLUMN/120109916/1021&parentprofile=1061

  • Hello fellow cleansers!
    I am in the middle of day 6 and feeling great! The first few days were tough and I too felt like quitting; so glad I stuck in there. Just like many of you, I have improvised a little but but stuck with the whole idea of eating veggies, fruits and nuts only this week, trying to focus on those that promote digestion and cleansing the digestive organs. After all, that's what week one is all about.
    My husband is doing the cleanse with me and I found the need to add some lean protein into his diet to keep his energy levels high (he is a firefighter and active in Tae Kwon Do).

    Both of us have experienced many of the same symptoms, but overall feel the benefits of the cleanse starting to kick in. I'm happy to be able to incorporate more vigorous exercise next week and the protein will be very welcome!

    As I try to tune into my body's hunger cues and cravings, I notice that many of my choices have come from a mental or emotional desire for a certain food, as well as an addiction to processed and sugar-filled food. Eliminating these foods and "curing" my cravings so that we can continue to eat clean even after the cleanse sounds like a great objective for doing this!

    Happy eating! :)

  • Cindy, thank you for sharing! I had to laugh out loud, he is quite creative!

  • Day 6 in Wyoming 3PM
    @From: Linda | 1/7/12 at 1:05 am -that is very interesting! I have that too! Our bodies are working hard to get this CRAP out!
    Legs were sore this AM but doing better now. Woke up with a headache at 5AM drank some water and got moving and now realize it's gone, I pray for good!

    So happy to have Salmon tomorrow!


  • @From: cindy | 1/7/12 at 3:50 pm
    Hilarious! My Steve is also on board and I shall have him read this a little later tonight! Thanks for sharing that and I know he will really relate! (He sorta looks like him too :-) . He is building a wall at an oil field today, I can imagine the jokes at lunch when he pulled out his dates and pistashio's, whole tomatoe, carrot bits and 3 -yes 3 apples! He will be happy to know there are 3 cans of Sardines in the fridge for his lunches next week :-)


  • Alicia, I too am planning to continue fruit and smoothies for breakfast in week 2 because I enjoy them and logistically it works better. I have felt weak and woozy in the mornings but it goes away after I eat something. My husband had to have protein on day 4 but he is doing really well. We are going to a friend's house for dinner and I was asked to bring a salad-perfect since I have a fridge stocked with spinach, lettuce, cabbage, kale and lots of other stuff. At least I know I will eat that tonight. I must say that I have been sleeping very well at night and happy about that! Looking forward to some new meals next week.

  • Day 6 and feeling pretty good. Like others, I've noticed that every year, the caffeine withdrawals lessen. The sugar ones, however, do not. ;)

    Last week was engorging week at work or something, so that was hard! For different meetings/parties, there were homemade rolls with freezer jam, peanut butter and fudge brownies, pecan bars, tacos, peppermint meringues - seems like even more than before Christmas! Was tempted, but stayed strong.

    My husband decided that we welcome eggs on Day 6, so this morning we did. The protein rush was awesome. We've worked out every day since yesterday, as well, so some of our servings are probably bigger than recommended.

    Looking forward to legumes and fish!

  • Haha, I meant: we've worked out every day except yesterday. Admittedly, workout energy is a little harder to sustain without whole grain carbs.

  • @Cindy~ Awesome! Hope he gets through it!

    End of day 6 here. Doing much better with the headaches once I started to eat more snacks during the day. I've had issues with BM too, but perhaps I'm *still* not drinking enough water. I've been drinking decaf tea because I'm trying to get over a mild sinus infection.

    For me, the hardest has been the food prep. I plan to go food shopping tomorrow and prep a bunch ahead. I didn't do that for week 1 and last Tuesday night, my roommate asked if I would ever stop cooking. lol

    TIP: I doubled the 'Green Machine Smoothie' to save time on other morning and *hated* it. So, I have been putting a spoon or two into the soups and/or on top of the salads. I'm not wasteful at all and just couldn't throw it all away. It doesn't seem to change the taste.

    Good luck all!

  • For those who made the sweet potato recipe, is it supposed to be roasted or eaten raw?
    Also, where is the nutrition information for the recipes? (the ones that weren't in the magazine)

  • The Green Machine is MUCH better if you add an apple.

  • Finally got around to trying out the Roasted Garlic and Beet Soup recipe, and was pleasantly surprised! Although I think I liked it a little better before I added the lemon juice at the end.

  • I've been wondering if anyone else has felt or seen a change in their skin. I noticed that the red bumps that I always have on the back of my thighs and on my arms are GONE. Now I'm starting to wonder…. were those there my entire life because I'm allergic to something that I'm no longer eating? One of the biggest reasons I wanted to do this cleanse is because I've had terrible stomach issues the last three or four months, which I assumed was because I eat mostly cheese, carbs and meat. So I thought this would help which it totally has so far. Very curious to see what happens when I start eating dairy and gluten again….and a little nervous….

  • I started early so am on Week 2, but having lots of issues with the web site getting to the web 2 information. I have the magazine so was able to start, but can't get to the extra information like recipes or exercises. Are these being hidden until tomorrow?

  • Hi Guys! I am a bit behind everyone as I just returned home from holiday on Saturday and am beginning the cleanse today! I am sitting here with a Grapefruit, Carrot and Ginger Juice and a glass of warm water with lemon. I am a bit dizzy as I have been up since 7 and it is now almost 10 and this is the first thing I am ingesting. I am so glad to have found all of you commenting- I feel less alone and more motivated! Here goes nothing...

  • Day 8 and everything is GREAT!!! Like - oh my goodness-great?!?! Can't wait to really workout this evening...

  • Am really missing a grilled cheese sandwich, but I will get through the Challenge. Have NOT had a headache, mine actually cleared up on this diet. I will be paying attention when we add foods back in during wks 2,3 & opt. 4 to see if it returns. Have felt a little sluggish, am missing my Latte. Thanks for so many vegetarian recipes this year!!
    I agree we need more dinners tho'.

  • Day 9 here- still going strong and it felt like heaven to have lentil soup for lunch yesterday and tofu in my salad for dinner! I'm definitely filling up on smaller portions than I used to (even as little as 9 days ago!). I'm trying to really focus on feeling satisfied instead of stuffing myself- even if it is on healthy food like salads and veggies.

    I really haven't been following the meals listed in the plan and have been trying to add in the healthy meals I usually eat so once the detox is over I can try and stick to it.

    A few of the meals I'm rotating through this week are: Lentil & Spinach Soup, Black Bean Soup, Greek Salad (Kalamata, hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, beets, scallions, roasted peppers, homemade greek dressing), and Avocado Citrus Salad (avocado, grapefruit, orange, scallions, olive oil- delish!!). Maybe those will give some of you more ideas??

    Great Job everyone!!!!

  • I'm on day four and I have had no sleep the past two nights. The worse leg cramps I've ever experienced. Headache is mostly gone. Hoping the leg cramps go away. Anyone know what to do to help with them?! I've been having bananas today. Drinking tons of water and soaking in Epsom salt baths. Any suggestions would be great. I'm trying to stick with it but, my legs are killing me and my lower back. Ugh. No cravings at all though. Here's to hoping tomorrow will be better.

  • Hang in there Heidi! Some of us know exactly what you are going thru with the leg cramps and hot baths and light stretches with Yoga Breath will help. Mine lasted about 5 nights,going to work was difficult, just rest when you can and often. It gets so much better!


    PS most folks are jumping threads according to where our Lady Lindsay posts updates :P Hang in there Heidi! Some of us know exactly what you are going thru with the leg cramps and hot baths and light stretches with Yoga Breath will help. Mine lasted about 5 nights. It gets so much better!


    PS most folks are jumping threads according to where our Lady Lindsay posts updates :P

  • [...] hamburger’s. However, they do offer healthy choices so I can stay commit to my Whole Living Challenge. I usually order a house salad with grilled chicken, no processed toppings (no croutons or bacon) [...]

  • I started this way later than most- and today is Day 5. Days 1-3 were a breeze (I don't drink caffeine so there were no withdrawals), but Day 4 and 5 have been beastly. I'm feeling way weaker and my hands and arms are starting to feel numb- could it be an iron deficiency? I never thought I'd get to the point where something as simple as a chickpea sounds AMAZING. My skin has been looking worse by the end of the day- could it be the toxins working their way out?

    The lack of protein is starting to get to me, and I'm thinking of starting Week 2 after 6 days of this...tell me it gets better!

  • Is anyone working out during this cleanse?

  • I'm coming into this very late and am confused. Where the heck are the recipes? I've been all over the Whole Living site and cannot find them. There are people on the discussion board asking the same thing, and no one has answered them. Please help! I can figure out some of the recipes from the shopping list, but others require more information.

  • I am a later started on the cleanse and just finished week 1 and I am feeling pretty good. I don't feel like a slug all the time like I used to. I am amazed that I made it through without cheating (and did it happily) but even more amazed that I could feel filled and satisfied with just fruits and veggies and of course those wonderful nuts! I am down 8 lbs in 1 week and heading into week 2 full force! I am looking forward to some protein this week though. My prior diet weekness was always carbs but I have not missed them at all.
    @Denise Here's a link to the week 1 recipes, as you scroll through the decscription of the week 1 food there will be a link for each food described and that will bring you to the recipes. As you progress the links for the subsequent weeks are on the upper left of the page. A tab for each week.


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