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2012 Action Plan: It's Time to Conquer Week 2!

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Oh hey, week 2! Shira Bocar (above right), our deputy food editor, and I were on Martha's show this morning to promote the annual action plan. I luckily woke up feeling great this morning, so when Martha asked how the plan was treating me, I got to proudly say that detox symptoms are long gone!

On Day 7, I am feeling great. I was experiencing solid detox symptoms through Friday night, but I woke up feeling pretty awesome Saturday morning (even though I badly wanted to make a brunch more fun than an avocado-apple-banana smoothie). My energy waned, and a headache started creeping up, by about 4 in the afternoon, but I felt so much more clear-headed than I had in days, so I wasn't complaining!

I am so thrilled that we made it over the week 1 hump, which, as we all know, means that now our meals are truly filling again as we incorporate beans and lentils, seafood, and organic soy into our days. We've been snacking on Roasted Spiced Chickpeas today in the office and I can't believe how satisfying they taste.

In my day-to-day, I definitely tend to treat myself to delicious food over the weekend after a workweek of pretty clean eating, so it was tough when my friends gushed about the Italian restaurant they had just tried or, even worse, when one ate a Vietnamese pork sandwich on my couch as I prepared a kale salad. The feeling I have now outweighs any craving from the weekend though: I've lost a couple pounds and feel lighter, not so sluggish.

But don't forget that this is still a detox! And if weight loss is one of your main goals, then I strongly suggest that you continue to eat lots of leafy greens this week, even though vegetables are now sharing the spotlight with healthy proteins. We're still going to try to start our days with smoothies and juices (my morning juice has become quite an invigorating sub for coffee) and eat a lot of leafy greens either at lunch or dinner.

We're about to eat the Spicy Black Bean Salad for lunch (we added a few slices of avocado for creaminess), and it's funny: I almost feel like we're cheating since the salad isn't just fruits and vegetables! Fortunately, it's all part of the plan.

How are you all doing in week 2? Have your detox symptoms waned? What are you most excited to bring back in your diet?

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  • Week 2 High Noon in Wyoming!

    Delighted to hear that you are keeping smoothies in your plan as we planned to do this also but wasn't sure! What is up with the breakfast menu? Seemed strange to eat Miso soup w/veggies and beans so we moved that lunch instead (and it's good)!

    My Steve is down 8 pds and 3 inches and I am down 4 pds and 1 inch (meausured right at belly button). We never intended to make this a diet but I will tell ya it's exciting and now it's invigorating!!!

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work and keep checking in on us!

    PS Tip put a veggie bad in the compost side of your Juicer for quick clean up :-)


  • Just started week 2 and really enjoyed having the miso soup for breakfast (which seemed weired at first). It's very filling and kept me going for most of the morning. I absolutely love the smoothies and feel great from eating all of the raw veggies! I'm even learning to like kale al ittle more every day. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes!!

  • Yay for week 2! I'm pretty excited about being able to eat fish again. I missed eating fish. Other than massive headaches on the first three days, and not being able to fall asleep quickly, the first week went rather well. I think this year's detox went way better than past years. I've lost 5ish lbs, but alas my pants aren't any looser. That said, I do have quite a few pounds to shed. I do have more energy in general, so I'm pretty happy about that. I am a little worried about re-incorporating fish and beans, so I'm going to do a little bit at a time. Fish today. Beans on Wednesday, some more fish on Friday, so forth.

  • I agree, the breakfast recipes for this week are way too "lunch"-ish to eat first thing in the morning. I will be sticking with a smoothie instead.

    The first week went well, but by Friday night I was craving something seriously heartier! And then I woke up Saturday craving something sugary and sweet, i'm not sure why? Instead I had two cut up pears - very sweet when ripe, which was great, but for Saturday night I was still craving something more substantial... not sure why... which kind of sucks since it sounds like a lot of people are getting over the symptoms! :(

  • Hay D' if it makes you feel any better I am still having some symtoms too! I have a lot to DETOX though with recently having a major neck surgery and all those meds up to and after that and lack of exercise for the same then that sugary food and alchol consumption since Thankgiving :P I am so used to popping IB Pro's for a headaches, neck, feet, shoulders, hands arms.. toughening this out has been difficult but will pay off, my body is healing I know it is so SO WHAT if my belly growls - Hang in there and stick to it :-)


  • i am feeling a total lack of hunger. anyone else? it's weird, i don't even feel excited to add beans and fish back into my diet anymore.

  • Day 7 here and I am still doing week 1 food today. But, I bought all my groceries for week 2 except the sardine dish. It's just too nasty. I think I too will alternate juice and tofu or sweet potato dish for breakfast and I really loved the kale salad, so I will likely continue that for lunch on some days.
    My detox symptoms ended on Friday, but then again I have been really sick with flu and bronchitis and managed to stay on the cleanse, though I did have a bouillon broth yesterday and a piece of toast to take the antibiotics.
    Sadly, I am out of town for business all next week, so I am going to do the best I can and will do week 3 during week 4 and do week 4 during week 5.
    I must say these recipes are truly delicious and I am excited to try and keep this up beyond the cleanse. The prepping food in advance
    Has really helped avoid temptation.
    Keep it up everyone.

  • Day 8 here...I've never been so excited about eating beans in my life :) The Pros: I lost 5.2 pounds, I do feel better (my muscles and skin...could be psychological), I am waking up easier in the AM. It used to be really tough to get out of bed in the morning, i.e. snooze button X4 (need to see if this stands the test of time) and finally, I really enjoy my new AM routine of hot water w/ lemon and yoga stretches. My morning feel so relaxed now. The Cons: The first two days of detox I felt icky (I definitely recommend hot bathes/steam room to cause a sweat. Your skin will release toxins via sweat and it is the largest bodily organ). But that is all behind me :) Once I took a hot bath, the following day I felt better w/ no further detox syptoms. Other con, I am spending waaaaay too many hours prepping food. I can see why people resort to the quick and easy...tear open a packaged piece of food and chomp (regardless of what it is comprised of). That all being said, I was a little shaken when I walked into our lounge at work and saw two fat fruitcakes, a pan of danishes and peppermint bark...but I picked up the cover to the fuitcake, read the ingredients and didn't know what most of them were. I had no problems passing all of it up. My fruit and nut balls actually fit the bill quite nicely. Plus, in the end, if I really want fruitcake I am sure I can find a recipe that has all natural/organic ingredients and make it as a special treat. KEEP STRONG FELLOW CHALLENGERS!

  • I would love to hear strategies people use when they have to travel during this cleansing. I will be following the week after we wrap up, but would like to keep a lot of my changes.

  • Feeling like a million bucks on Day 7 and now Day 8, I'm really on a roll. Loved the tofu scramble this morning. Finished my beet soup from last week for lunch, eating the salmon dinner tonite but concerned about mercury (and radiation). Anyone else?

  • Day 7 is almost over! I was so excited about starting week 2 a couple of days ago, but now I am feeling so great that I am not as desperate for the new additions. However, I just prepped my vegie miso soup and will try this tomorrow morning! My favourite snacks have been the kale chips and pistachio filled dates! Awesome! Smoothies and mostly juices have been a saviour for sure! I didn't think I could not drink my earl grey tea with soy every morning, but surprisingly it has not been all that bad! So great to read everyone's progress. I am a single mom and it is sometimes hard to prep food for my little guy and not nibble on it. But mostly he is eating most of what I make, and loves helping me make the juices!
    Congrats to all for the hard work!!

  • Day 8 here in lovely Maine, and doing great with the detox. The hard part is this sickness I've had for weeks that just won't go away. The nearly crippling sinus headache has returned from it's debut on New Year's eve while shopping and prepping for week one. I'm very discouraged. I want to feel the detox, both the good and the bad, but I just feel this sinus/cold/thing. I'm afraid that it is a sinus infection which will mean antibiotics which I wasn't sure if I should take on this detox. It was nice to hear from you, @Jessica, that you are currently taking antibiotics. Wary about it because I am ridicously sensitive to drugs, especially antibiotics.
    Anyway, while I'm super bumming on the couch I came across a documentary entitled 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' on Netflix. Talk about perfect! It was all about a man taking his health into his own hands by doing a 60 day juicing fast. I learned so much about food and diet and was totally inspired and renewed in my quest! Plus it's fun to watch him comically go though the struggles that we have all been through at this point.
    Also been thinking a lot about traveling during this detox since I may need to fly to Pittsburgh in the following weeks. Has anyone been succesfully traveling, detox style?

  • I have been on a strict diet since April and a few tips of how to stick with it. Luckily, most restaurants provide vegetarian entrees, salads, healthy side dishes, etc. Certain cuisines (middle eastern, indian, mexican) provide better options in my opinion. Don't be afraid to ask them to tailor the dishes to your needs. For instance, ask that they leave out the cheese, no croutons, no dressing. Soups and salads are great choices. If you can't eat one of the sides that comes with a dish, ask to substitute with a side that you can eat. One thing, be sure to take along your own snacks. I like to keep nuts and Lara Bars on hand for when I need a little something to keep me going until meal time. If you like herbal teas, take some tea bags along and you can usually find hot water for making your own. Good luck!

  • I'm excited about Week 2. I'm perpetually hungry, but have so much energy! This morning I really worked for my sweet potato breakfast, doing a 20 minute power-walk, followed by Week 1 and Week 2 yoga routines before finally sitting down to eat. It felt so good. Later that afternoon, I even had enough bounce in my step to do some heavy yard work and more chores than I usually get done in several days. This must be how Martha gets so much accomplished in one day. I only wish the scale read a little bit lighter--it hasn't budged. Perhaps once Week 3 starts . . .

  • Welcomed day 9 with no regrets. To date, I have lost 8lbs. Day 7 was the hardest day. I thought I was falling off the cleanse, but contacted a friend and discussed all the things that we really missed eating and that seemed to help. Yesterday, I had an incredible amount of energy and was able to complete many households tasks. Happy to be able to introduce some new food items.....I was gettin tired of week 1 food. Good luck to all and stick with it.

  • To the travelers -- How about freezing your favorite smoothie in a doubled ziplock bag? Not sure you can get it through security so, if it's under the plane, better triple bag it. The carrot/orange/ginger smoothie would surely remind you of your cleanse quest no matter how far you travel (I love that zingy smoothie)! I have eaten at a restaurant once since the cleanse started and asked for a plate of steamed veggies w/ lemon wedges. Salmon's a great choice. Maybe bring along a couple cans of veggie broth to sip in your room? Be sure to pack some Fruit and Nut Bites and trail mix. You'll feel so awesome if you can stick to it while you're gone. Good luck!

  • Where is the nutrition information for the recipes that aren't in the magazine?

  • Is honey a restricted item? I'm on day 8, feeling great and, like most other people here, planning to keep making some of the recipes from Week 1 in the future. But I'm definitely battling my sweet tooth cravings, and the nut and fruit balls, while tasty, just don't hit the stop. There's a dessert recipe in the Whole Living Power Foods cookbook with tofu and honey that I thought about making, but wasn't sure if it would be considered added sugar. Any idea, fellow detoxers?

  • Day 15! Wahoo! I feel great!

  • On day 10, first time I am craving sweets. I think that has more to do with stress than physical cravings.
    This has been great! I am doing it on my own and still have soup and snacks left from last week. My hips were killing me last week, but that is finally done. It ended before the end of week 1. And like magic, I woke up on day 8, the bloated feeling disappeared. Which is almost a shame, I think that was how I was losing so much weight. 8 lbs last week and nothing this week. Oh well, it is not really about that. Maybe a little:)

  • Hey Cee, I would guess honey is OK, as long as you use a reasonable quantity.
    One thing that is helping me with my sweet tooth is "throat coat" tea, an herbal tea made with licorice and slippery elm bark -- it has a naturally sweet taste.
    Another thing that's helping is gum, which is probably a no-no, but whatever works for you!
    (I'm certainly no expert, but the experts don't seem to be answering questions here!)

  • Author Comment:

    Hi cleansers!
    Glad to see that everyone is charging into week 2 feeling strong! I definitely feel so much better now that proteins beyond nuts and seeds have become part of the recipes! Stay motivated! We're already almost halfway!

    Here are some answers to your questions:
    Honey: It is still an added sweetener, but definitely one of the best options if you *really* need one. Use sparingly! (It's technically not allowed.)

    Nutritional information unfortunately is not available on our website at this time---sorry!

    Salmon: Kathleen, choose wild Alaskan salmon. When eaten in moderation, the mercury should not be a health concern.

  • Still going strong on day 9! Was pleasantly surprised with the lentil soup, although I doubled the amounts for the tomatoes, parsley, and red wine vinegar to fit the taste I wanted. I made some more fruit/nut bites, but am needing more snack food...wasn't a fan of the spiced chickpeas, ate up the pumpkin seed trail mix way too fast for me to safely have around me again soon. Might make some more pistachio stuffed dates, those really seemed to hit my sweet tooth and were filling enough that I wasn't tempted to overindulge. Keep up the good work everyone, am loving reading through these posts every day for motivation and ideas :) .

  • Day 7 and almost done with week !! I did not think I was going to make it :)

    Like everyone else I was also experiencing some leg/hip pain, but that has gone away. My caffeine headaches are gone and I sleep so much better!

    The weekend was tough as I was travelling but I tried to to plan as much as possible - it helped that my sister also had a juicer and plenty of vegetables on hand.

    I am looking forward to the beginning of week 2!

  • I realized why I had such a strong reaction on my second day - (I threw up and felt altogether awful)
    I was only drinking juice and eating fruits, no vegetables or nuts. The next day I made sure to have a generous helping of kale and red cabbage with my juice in the morning and ate nuts and fruit all day, and felt remarkably bettter.

    Thank you for the suggestion of banana and peanut butter - it really helped me get through the week!

  • What? Why is nutrition information not available for half the recipes? There's information for some of the recipes in the magazine, but there are many more recipes on the website -- that doesn't make any sense -- why would you be publicizing a diet and refusing to provide nutritional information for half of your options?

  • Middle of week 2 and I am loving this! I feel so much better, have lost about 5 pounds and am getting comments about my skin looking healthy, etc. The best part is my mood has boosted and I have been buzzing with happiness and energy since the middle of last week (post detox symptoms).

    I made the veggie miso soup last night and it is delicious. I can't bring to myself to eat it for breakfast though. That just feels wrong : ) So, I'm sticking to a smoothie (no juicer) every morning made of 1 cup raw kale leaves, 1 cup raw spinach, a banana, 1/2 cup frozen fruit and 1/2 cup almond milk. Delish!

    I feel like, by the end of this when we've worked in a few more options, this will be easily sustainable for the long term.

  • Author Comment:

    @twoflower: I know, it's a huge bummer! It's a technological glitch with our website, but I have alerted the web team and they are going to try to find a solution quickly!

    @Kate: That's so great to hear! My skin looks better, too, which is a much-appreciated added perk of this whole cleanse.

  • Are any of you drinking any detox teas? A friend mentioned to me that while detoxing it may be beneficial to drink a detox tea to help the body rid itself of toxins and help support and protect organs, like the liver, which is doing a lot of work right now. There are a bunch to choose from at Whole Foods and even some at Safeway or the regular grocery stores. Just a thought...

  • Just finished Week 1 & am excited to start Week 2. Have also lost weight. The aches & pains are gone, thankfully I never got the headache, mine cleared up! I suspect food allergy so I'll be sure to note any headaches as we add foods back in. Thanks again for so many vegetarian & fish recipes! I do not eat red meat & that was a problem previously w/the cleanse.
    TO VANESSA: Yes, I have been drinking a Detox Tea. But I have also increased the amount of water I drink since we are flushing our systems & the tea does more of that.

  • Well, I made it four days and I felt so famished. I was so disappointed in myself for not sticking it out. I wanted to do this cleanse for an emotional and physical boost. I need more energy to keep up with my work and busy family. Problem is i cant afford to loose weight. I am 5'6" and 120 pounds. What can I do to get the energy boost from this detox, yet keep my weight stable??

  • I'm a week behind and just starting today. Are sweet potatoes allowed during week 1? It's a root vegetable and seems more filling (and is warm which I know I'll be wanting since I live where it snows)but isn't listed as a recipe until week 2. Thanks!

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